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Press Release - New Platform to Understand How do Belgian Users Browse the Web

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How do Belgian users use their smartphones throughout the day? What was the percentage of mobile traffic coming from Antwerp yesterday compared to Brussels? Which versions of Internet Explorer are the most popular right now?
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Best practices for dashboarding within Adobe SiteCatalyst

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Monday, 23 November 2015 09:15

Adobe SiteCatalyst

Before we dig into dashboarding within Adobe SiteCatalyst (previously known as Omniture), a short introduction on Adobe SiteCatalyst:

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Google Tag Manager Power Tip: Getting The UTM Source

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Thursday, 19 November 2015 09:27


Sometimes a conversion tag only needs to be fired if a visitor was referred by a certain affiliate website or other source. For example: we run an affiliate program at Tradedoubler and we need to be sure that only the conversions made by visitors referred by Tradedoubler are attributed as a conversion in Google AdWords.

This data used to be available in Google Analytics’ UTMZ cookie. Since Google Universal Analytics was introduced, the UTMZ cookie is no longer available. We can solve this by creating a custom tag that saves the utm source in the browser’s local storage and a custom variable that makes the saved utm source accessible in our triggers.

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Common issues with Google Analytics - Session 2 - Sampling

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Friday, 13 November 2015 09:07

When does sampling occur in GA?

Notion of sampling in web analytics

Something that in the past impacted a few number of large websites, sampling is now affecting many websites and web practitioners in their daily analytics experience. Indeed, with the ongoing digitalization, multiplication of touchpoints and development of complex measurement techniques, the number of recorded web interactions has just been exploding over the last years. Your website generates so much data that your web analytics tool needs to process a part of the larger data and extrapolate it in order to deliver you reports in a reasonable amount of time. That is what sampling refers to.

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7 tools to leverage your digital business intelligence

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 13:58

Online business - even more than traditional business - must sustain a constant growing curve to survive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Barriers to entry are thinner and the ramping curve of new entrants is shorter. For most successful companies, growth has come from a combination of excellence in their product, and proficiency in customer acquisition & retention. The latter is driven by data and in particular business intelligence. Web Analytics companies & tools like Google/Adobe try to expand and offer a unique platform for all digital business intelligence. Despite that, new web analytics tools like KISSmetrics/Mixpanel (used @Semetis) emerge and become appealing for online marketers. They are positioned as complementary to Google/Adobe. Many more tools emerge helping companies leverage their digital business intelligence.

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Getting Twitter advertising up and running!

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Monday, 09 November 2015 11:13

Twitter advertising has been available since September 2014 in Belgium. Now the platform starts to spark the interest of more and more advertisers. This mostly has to do with the engaging format advertisers can push to potential customers combined with the elaborate targeting capabilities. Twitter supports both image and video formats and has impressive targeting capabilities such as handle-based targeting, custom email based audiences and website tag based remarketing. Throughout this article we’ll try to provide step-by-step answers to the most frequently asked questions advertisers have when then want to embark on their advertising journey on Twitter.

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