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Semetis Intelligence - AdWords Performance Management Platform

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Semetis Intelligence - Performance Management Platform for Google AdWords Campaigns

Semetis Intelligence, our Business Intelligence platform, enables online marketeers to follow the effectiveness of their AdWords campaigns. The powerful yet intuitive platform merges AdWords campaign data with Semetis’ campaign management methodology, for rapid understanding of online advertising portfolios.

The current release of the platform provides:

1. AdWords Performance Overview
- an aggregated view of a Google AdWords portfolio
- a summary view of campaigns for a quick overview
- a focus on key metrics to understand campaign performance
- daily, weekly and monthly views of account performance

2. Business Intelligence & Analytics Capabilities
- smart benchmarking for fast performance evaluation
- smart grouping and ad-hoc grouping of campaigns to analyze joint performance
- detailed reports for in-depth analysis
- rapid identification of best-performing keywords and placements within campaigns
- scoring of campaigns based on their contribution to advertising goals

3. Friendly Usability & Secure Environment
- a click-through navigation to browse accounts and campaigns quickly
- smart graphs to contextualize key metrics and visualize trends
- a highly secure and encrypted reporting environment
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