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When using to automate your campaign based on Weather, you can choose between 2 types of automations:

  1. Single location automation
  2. Multi-location automation 

Which type of automation that you use depends on your campaign:

  • Do you have different ads depending on the weather? 
  • Do you want to automate based on the viewer’s weather, or the weather in a specific location? provides a chart to help you choose between the 2 types of automation:

SLA vs ML decision tree chart

Single Location Automation (SLA)

With SLA you select 1 location per campaign or ad set and the weather rules will be based on the weather conditions in that location. 

A benefit of this automation type is that you can put action on more levels than with ‘Multi-location automation. Meaning that you can put your weather trigger on ‘campaign level’, ‘ad group/ad set level’ and ‘ad level’, while Multi-location automation on campaign or ad set level.  

The disadvantage is that you might need to create more campaigns / ad sets (depending on the platform) to cover your geographical area. 

Some examples of situations where we would advise to use SLA:

  • You have different ads that should turn on/off depending on the weather conditions. 
  • Your advertisement is linked to the weather in specific locations: ex: Holiday destinations. 


Multi-Location Automation (MLA)

With MLA, divides the geotargeting of your campaign (ex. Belgium) into smaller geo-locations (cities). In this way, your weather targeting is very precise and focused on the location of your audience. This can come in handy when you are targeting a country with varying weather conditions such as Belgium where it can be sunny in one part and still raining in another. 

The disadvantage of MLA is that you can only work on campaign or ad set level, meaning that you lose the option to turn specific ads on/off. 

The advantage however is that you can work with a very clean structure in your campaign set-up since you don’t need a separate campaign/ad set per location. On top of that, your campaign can be paused in one location while still being live in others depending on the weather condition. 

If for example your company repears cars and you want to advertise in regions where it is snowing in Belgium since more accidents happen in bad weather. Your campaign can be live in The Ardennes where it has already started to snow, while your ads are not appearing in East Flanders where there is still no snow to be seen. 

When setting up an automation in, the first thing to decide upon is whether you want to use Single Location Automation or Multi-Location automation. I hope that this article makes the choice a little bit clearer. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, it mostly depends on what you want to do with your campaign.

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