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Last year I wrote an article about setting up weather based campaigns with however is not the only automation platform that can help you build weather based campaigns. Some examples are:, and 

While ad automation platforms such as and also offer other services such as feed automation and ad templates, is completely focused on weather based advertising. In this article we’ll go a little bit deeper into the possibilities of

First off, what exactly is is an enterprise weather activation platform for Search, Display, Social and Programmatic campaigns. It enable you to:

  • Sync your ads to real-time weather moments
  • Activate delivery and boost visibility at key times
  • Optimize ad spend according to live weather events

How does it work?

1. Set-up accounts

The first thing that you need to do is set-up an account on When you are logged in to your account you can easily connect your advertising platforms. You can connect to different platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and DV360. They are also working on adding more platforms such as Bing and YouTube. advertising platforms

2. Set-up your campaign

The set-up of your campaign will happen as usual in the advertising platform. After setting up the campaign (and if the advertising platform is connected to your account) you will be able to find your campaign back in the account and you’ll be able to create the weather conditions. 


3. Set-up your weather automation

This is the step where we really start working on automating the campaign inside the platform. 

Weather Based ads example

Here there are a view steps to take:


  • Select the platform on which you want the campaign to run
  • Choose the type of automation: Single location vs multi-location automations


The type of automation depends on 2 factors: 

  • How your Google campaigns / Facebook ad sets are structured
  • Whether you want to automate based on the viewer’s weather, or the weather in a specific location.

You can find more information on the different types in this article


  • Select the campaign

In the beginning of this article I told you to first set-up your campaign in the advertisement platform. If you have done that, you will now be able to select this campaign. 

If you selected ‘multi-location automation’ will now also sync your region and divide it in different smaller regions/cities. 


  • Create your rules

Now this is where the fun starts! In this step we will finally be creating our actual weather rules. I would advise you to quickly set-up a draft campaign when brainstorming for your mediaplan to already see the different options that are available. This will help you to determine the different scenarios that you would like to have. You can keep these rules very simple (ex.: keep live when it is warmer than 20°C) or you can go very advanced: I want my ads to be live if in the past 2 days it has rained at least 5 times for a duration of 1 hour. 

Weatherads triggers


The sky is your limit! Summing up all the possibilities would make this article very long and extensive, but below you can already have a view on the different conditions available: 

Weatherads triggers 2 1 weatherads triggers 3 weatherads triggers 4

In the platform you’ll also see that there are a lot of options coming soon. 


  • Add an action

What should happen if your rule applies? The actions depend on the platform that you select. For example, for Google Ads you can increase/decrease the bid or include/exclude geo locations while for Facebook only the last option is available. 

The action which you can choose from also depends on the automation type that you select as you can read in my article around ‘ - Automation types’. 


  • Launch settings

You can choose to activate your automation immediately or set a specific launch date. If your campaign starts in a week but you launch your automation immediately, this does not mean that it will put your campaign live already. 

And voila, that’s it! Your campaign will now automatically be adapted depending on the weather conditions.

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