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Why and How to do Branding in Search?

Very often advertisers that need to build brand awareness will first think about Display Advertising. Of course it makes perfect sense. Display allows a broad reach with the possibility to accurately target the audience based on your offer and on your positioning. It allows you to visually...

Accelerated Mobile Pages

In the recent years and months, mobile usage on the internet has become increasingly important and every day, more and more people are looking for content on their smartphones rather than on desktop.

Blogspot: GTM latest updates

As a heavy GTM user, you have probably noticed some changes lately in the interface with the arrival of a new functionality called workspace. Since the release of GTM v2, it is the biggest change to the tool. Put back into broader context, it gives us two indications:

5 Bid Adjustments to implement in your AdWords campaigns

As an SEA marketer you increasingly feel like a kid in a candy store: you see potential bid adjustments all around you, but what are the most interesting for you and your customer? And how to use them? We take a quick look at the most prominent:

Facebook: Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads help you select the most relevant products out of your entire product catalogue. This way you can promote them better on Facebook or Instagram.

Automated rules in Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook has evolved a lot in the past 2 years, and fortunately, they keeps evolving, and improving their platform. Their latest change is a direct response to the third-party tools that work on top of Facebook like Smartly, SocialMoov or Sprinklr. Those platforms provide a full automation of...

Video is hot right now, here’s why!

This is it… The end of summer! Kids (and parents) might be happy to get back to school but most of us wrinkle on the thought of an upcoming winter. To perpetuate the feeling of summer we are going to talk about the hottest kid on the block: video.

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