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The Dos and Don’ts of Google AdWords Mobile App Promotion

The rise of mobile Over the past few years we have seen how mobile devices are quickly gaining ground towards being the device of choice for searching the web. They went from barely representing 1% of total web browsing in early 2011 to a staggering 23% in August this year.

Automate your reports thanks to the Google Analytics API

Do you spend hours and hours every week creating and updating reports? Then this should be very useful for you. In order to ease the reporting based on Google Analytics data, Google made it possible to automatically export data from Google Analytics and to directly send them to your reports in...

Google Tag Manager: Put your click data into context

You’ve set up Google Tag Manager to track clicks on your website. The numbers are coming in, but there’s something missing. You’re tracking only hints of behavior, but you’re missing the whole picture. To solve this, you need to put your click data into context. In the article Google Tag Manager:...

Google Tag Manager: The Basics

Tracking, tagging, conversions, transactions, button clicks, remarketing, what about being able to handle all these features with one single tool? That is what Google Tag Manager (GTM) offers.

Semetis Power Tip: Tracking subdomains with Google Analytics

One of our clients created an application located on the subdomain On their main website,, they had multiple links to the application on the subdomain. Although we installed the same tracking code on both the main domain and the subdomain, Google Analytics...

What is your digital mobile strategy?

Consumer behavior rapidly evolved towards the use of mobile devices. Therefore, the world of digital marketing has capitalized on the concept of mobile over the last few years. Digital platforms are evolving too, from Facebook’s monetisation strategy to Google AdWords’ Enhanced Campaigns. Google...

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