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Mobile Traffic as a Digital Marketing Leverage

Early 2011, 1% of online browsing came from tablets and smartphones. By the third quarter of 2011, this number had doubled to 2%. In July 2012, the 5% mark was reached. Currently, the mobile traffic represents more than 12% of online browsing, as illustrated in the grah below:

Why Attribution model definition matters?

As marketeers, one of the most important task consists of optimizing your advertising investments. And that is even more true when it comes to digital advertising. Indeed, you always want to know which marketing channel brought you the most revenue, helped you improve your retention or contributed...

Should I buy my own brand on Google?

Many online advertisers often make the following statements about their keyword buying strategy: “I already rank high in SEO, which is free. Why should I pay for SEA?” “SEA will cannibalize my organic traffic” “Visitors looking for my brand are already informed and will find...

Remarketing: History of a new form of targeting

Three years ago, remarketing was an unknown term by many marketeers. But now, who could think about a Display campaign without using remarketing? From a very basic approach at the beginning: retarget users that have been on your website when they are surfing on the web, we have moved to a much...

The future of Analytics Measurement: Google Universal Tag

Since the launch of Google Analytics solution (GA) in 2005, our user interface is constantly changing, improving, and integrating more and more aspects of the massive "Big Data". It became even more important with the latest changes in customer behaviour and multi-device navigation issues. GA...

New Google Advertising Formats

My colleague Stephane has recently asked me to write an article about the new advertising formats on Google and the evolution of Search Marketing. Indeed, having worked for over 7 years in the industry, I am sometimes considered by some as 'old'. Also, having participated in the opening of the...

New Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation

New Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation: What does it change? This Summer of 2013, Google Analytics is rolling out its new segmentation. Segmentation was a key feature when launched in October 2008 ( Since then...
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