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Generate valuable leads for your business thanks to Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads are a specific format available on Facebook, which is focused on generating leads for your business. While looking similar to a traditional click to website ad, the real difference appears when the user clicks on the “Sign up” button. Instead of redirecting to a website, an app or a...

Why it is time for you to migrate to HTTPS

When asked about HTTPS and its benefits, people often believe that the only purpose of the HTTPS is to protect user’s sensitive data or password. The reality is actually much more complex. Indeed, the benefits of supporting HTTPS on your website go far beyond “just” protecting user’s sensitive...

What do indirect conversions mean for my digital advertising?

Conversions are the lifeblood of digital advertising. They are often also referred to as leads, sales, goals, purchases, visits or subscriptions. With the digitisation of advertising, advertisers and their agencies have been submerged with data and performance measurement. And this is...

Why and How to do Branding in Search?

Very often advertisers that need to build brand awareness will first think about Display Advertising. Of course it makes perfect sense. Display allows a broad reach with the possibility to accurately target the audience based on your offer and on your positioning. It allows you to visually...

Accelerated Mobile Pages

In the recent years and months, mobile usage on the internet has become increasingly important and every day, more and more people are looking for content on their smartphones rather than on desktop.

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