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Alisson has joined Semetis beginning of 2019 after over 5 years experience in various administrative functions in International companies. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Management Assistant - Business and Languages but continued her training in Human Resources and Prevention. She loves to put projects in place and see the outcome.

Alisson particularly enjoys launching initiatives around health and well-being at work.
She has previously launched a “Healthy Week” program focusing on healthy receipts, vitality, sport, ergonomic tips, etc. But also help employees to better understand the importance of security and safety at work.

Her role within Semetis is to make the office run smoothly, she is the contact person for HR et Prevention at Semetis. The sense of organization and structure of Alisson is what the Semetis team loves the most.

Alisson speaks French, English, basic Dutch and Spanish. She is also a fashion lover so to boost her creativity, she draws, designs and sews clothes. On top of this, Alisson is an Image Advisor. She likes to keep a good life balance by travelling to sunny places, reading, practicing squash and volleyball.

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