Facebook is testing to remove one of the biggest limitations in the visual of the ads, the reputed 20% text rule. In short, the maximum of 20% text to be used in the image will be abolished, and you will have more freedom in creating visuals.

But! There is a catch. The freedom comes with a price...

The algorithm will no longer disapprove your ads if you have too much text, but instead, it will rate your visual, based on the text and categorize it into one of four categories. Based on the category, your ads will become more expensive, which could limit the total reach and total impressions. This could be compensated by setting higher bids for your ad sets.

We recommend to continue creating the visuals like we are used too.In order to keep optimising the visuals, and the according reach, we would advise to not go over 20% text. So, even though nothing really changes, a lot is changing on the backend. Important remark: this is only a test that Facebook is rolling out on all accounts. As far as we know, it hasn't been rolled out on Belgian accounts, but we can expect it in the near future.

Official announcement: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/980593475366490