Our Quick-Step case shows the enormous potential of data-driven ads, not only for remarketing purposes, but also to use prospection audiences. Together with all partners involved (Unilin, AdSomeNoise) we conquered many hurdles to pull this hyper personalized campaign off. We managed to bring a simplified but smart Quick-Step catalogue to the customer via a personalized banner as this campaign is adaptive to every phase of the customer journey. This resulted in a very relevant and impactful campaign.


Quick-Step presented us with a major challenge: build an always-on campaign using display advertising that shows Quick-Step products in a visually appealing way and helps people find flooring that meets their needs.

We started the project by analysing the current website. Results revealed that people had a hard time choosing the right floor when faced with 391 different floors choices. Dark or light, birch or oak, living room or also the kitchen? The wide variety made it hard for users to know where to begin their search.

Analytics also showed users were getting lost on the website, as traffic was all over the place or even in loops. On top of that, we learned that even picking the right product category was not easy for customers.

Our solution? To create an interactive data-driven campaign that brought the Quick-Step experience to the customer, no matter where they were in the customer journey. We wanted to reach customers who are actively looking for flooring but not yet acquainted with Quick-Step, as well as customers familiar with Quick-Step’s flooring options. Our campaign aimed to cover every stage of the customer journey with one single, adaptive creative concept automated from a single feed that operated as the backbone. We chose to deploy a Dynamic Creative Optimised campaign that would serve as an always-on performance pipeline.

Here are some concrete examples to make it more tangible:


There are two ways of looking at the results of this campaign:

1) We committed towards the client to achieve some clear performance results. The three main elements we measured were:

2) Achieve these business objectives by developing the next generation of personalised & relevant advertising.

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