• A first: Semetis launched the first campaign on Netflix

    In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, staying at the forefront of innovation is essential. Semetis has demonstrated its commitment to pushing boundaries by being among the first agencies to launch an advertising campaign on Netflix in France with “Atol Mon Opticien”.

    Atol Mon Opticien: A Visionary Client

    Atol Mon

  • A new function for Google Search: Gallery Ads

    What is it?

    Gallery ads are a new way to engage with your potential customers. Thanks to this new format, it is now possible to bring a visual experience to those people who are ready to discover your product/service. By adding images to your search ads, they become more pleasant and attractive.

  • Acquire New Customers with Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC)

    2020 has been a special one so far. Some businesses have been impacted negatively, others have grown thanks to Covid’s impact. Despite the economic uncertainties, most e-commerces have grown strongly. Latest numbers of BeCommerce show a 33% increase for

  • Advertising on a inspirational platform: Pinterest

    2020: what an unusual year! During the periods of confinement, many people found themselves alone at home looking for something to do. Some of them turned to the inspiration platform: Pinterest. In fact, according to Pinterest (Global Results Feb-April 2020.), engagement on the platform has

  • Amazon Sponsored Products: Getting the Basics Right

    When it comes to Retail, Amazon is a company that can not be overlooked. You can shop their enormous offer going from clothing, the latest tech or even your toilet paper. Their giant worldwide webshop has become indispensable to many consumers.

  • An extremely low CTR in Google Ads

    Have you noted an extremely low CTR for some of your keywords ? Well, if you are wondering where it comes from you came to the right place. Even more, if you want to know who to tackle it, keep on reading !

    Definition of Clickthrough rate (CTR)

    The Clickthrough rate is a ratio that represents how often users who see your ad

  • Ardennes-Etape : Building a cloud for marketing infrastructure that made customer data work for Ardennes Etape

    Ardennes-Etape: Reducing waste in advertising spending by leveraging predictive user scoring

    Audio Personalization with A Million Ads - A Scarlet Use Case

    In our previous article, we introduced you to the concept of Dynamic Audio Personalisation (DAP). At Semetis we like to get our feet wet into emerging technologies and trends so in March 2019 we decided to launch a


  • Automated Bidding in Search Ads 360

    What is Automated Bidding in Search Ads 360?

    Automated Bidding is the use of bid strategies, which are mechanisms that automate the process of bidding (instead of manually setting bids and bids adjustments), in order to achieve defined goals.

    Search Ads 360 (previously called DoubleClick

  • Automation in Search Engine Advertising

    The future of PPC Automation

    Do you work in digital advertising?
    Great, early retirement is waiting for you...

    Not exactly. But automation will change your job, that’s a given.

    Computers are getting faster.
    Algorithms are getting smarter.
    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are getting

  • Boost your performance with Google Smart Shopping

    Showing up on top of the search results, visually appealing and displaying key product information in one shot, Google Shopping ads proved to be one of the most successful channels for brands to attract valuable consumers online at the very spot where most of them start looking for the products they want.

  • Can a robot do my job?

    can a robot do my job


    Yep, you’re doomed!

    The longer story

    The question “Can a robot do my job?” or the darker variation to that question “Will a robot take my job?” has been asked in fear for many times in history. Every time a technological

  • Carglass - Data-Driven creativity & automation as a basis for exponential ROI growth


    When people are confronted with a broken car window their first reflex is often to go to the Carglass website and start registering their case. However, we saw that funnels are often abandoned, even though people have damaged windshields.

    This is unfortunate for Carglass because people seem to lose the urgency

  • Carglass® pioneers with the first Dynamic Audio Ads via DV360 in Belgium

    You probably immediately recognize the jingle “Carglass® Repairs, Carglass® Replaces”, as it is one of the most recognized and

  • Creating an intimate thank you experience

  • Data Studio Tip: How to report on multiple conversions

    In Google Data Studio, you most likely have multiple conversions you want to report on. Either you have a webshop for which you want to track your sales, but you also want to track other micro conversions, such as people adding an item to the cart or people simply clicking on product details. If you’re a B2B player,

  • Digital Advertising in 2017 - It’s not the same

    The digital transformation of our society has certainly impacted the advertising industry as a whole. We have come a long way since the Ad Men from Madison Avenue half a century ago. Today, our media mix is multi channel, our audience is mobile and on the go, out of home inventory is becoming programmatic, voice

  • Dmlights: The fully automated profit engine

    Doritos - For the Bold

    The global Doritos slogan is ‘For the Bold’, this because it focuses on a very young target group (16-24-year-olds). However, in Belgium the brand did not have strong connotations with boldness, so we had to install the ‘For the Bold’ concept by creating a push brand awareness campaign with limited budget/resources in the first phase. Based on


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