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Overcoming the emerging data quality challenges with GVRN

In the next five years, customer analytics is estimated as the most crucial factor of driving customer experience improvement. High-quality data is one of the essential drivers of digital marketer’s efforts: create customer personas, deliver better-targeted campaigns, personalised offerings and to...

Implementation of Consent Mode - Semetis Walkthrough

This is the second article on Consent Mode and provides you with a walkthrough on how to actually implement it. Make sure to jump to the first article as well to get a full grasp on what Consent Mode is, how it works and its key features. Below we describe the following 4 main steps to implement...

Modelling missing conversions with Consent Mode

It’s clear that nowadays, users are becoming more and more aware and critical of how their personal data is being used online. This stimulated GDPR and e-privacy laws, being stricter than ever before and forcing companies to request the consent of their users to be tracked. As a consequence, we...

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