• Understanding GBRAID: The difference with WBRAID and GCLID

    Recently, many advertisers got an email titled: “Important: GBRAID parameter will be enabled for your URLs to measure your iOS14.5+ conversions”. But what is the GBRAID parameter exactly, and how will it affect your tracking?

    What is GBRAID?

    Since Apple’s ATT policies took effect in 2021, Google no longer sends the Google

  • Why some GA4 events might not show up in your server container’s preview mode

    Server-side tagging in Google Tag Manager is still a rather new concept to most digital marketeers, and it’s normal that some common issues arise. Apart from it being a new concept, it is on the crossroads of marketing and IT, so a close collaboration with teams of different backgrounds is often needed. At Semetis, we’ve been experimenting


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