Brand Promise

We, Semetissians, question the status quo. We explore solutions and innovations driving greater business results. We do this through a pragmatic and data-driven approach.


We, Semetissians, help businesses and their people grow by driving digital marketing activities that effectively connect them to their target audiences through our streamlined processes and pragmatic, business-oriented approach.


Our purpose is to help people and companies develop their full potential in key digital areas, so that they can seamlessly connect to their target audience and grow.

Brand Values

Our core brand values are the beliefs that we, as a company, stand for. They serve as the compass that guides our brand story, actions, behaviors, and decision-making process. Our values are aligned with our brand’s overarching mission and vision. Our pillars are the guiding principles for our brand.

Growth: At Semetis, we create a culture and environment of growing, failing and belonging to give everyone the opportunity to develop while reaching their full potential, both personally and as a team.

We strive to build a safe environment in which failing is not frowned upon but a way to grow. Fail fast, but learn faster, and more importantly, learn from each other. We strive to build an environment where all initiatives or ideas can be voiced and are at worst considered and at best implemented.

Exploration: At Semetis, we continuously explore new solutions to bring business growth to our clients and drive innovation in a suitable and sustainable fashion.

We look to the outside world with an open mind. We don’t judge, we want to learn and understand. How is the competition evolving? What are they doing that we are not? What can we learn from them? It’s also about understanding how our clients are evolving in terms of needs and wants. Are we making sure we are and will be able to keep answering those needs? Last but not least, we also want to learn from companies in other industries. Our monthly lunch and learn sessions are a great example of this mindset. We want to inspire ourselves to be better every day.

Energy: At Semetis, we use our drive, curiosity and commitment to energize, engage and inspire our colleagues and our clients. We question the status quo.

First and foremost, this means we keep an open mind, at all times. No matter what. We love it when people come with new ideas. We adore initiatives. They are the reason why we, Semetis, sit at the top of our industry.

Involvement: At Semetis, we embrace challenges, feel responsible and take ownership of projects but also day-to-day improvements that make the company a better place.

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