Semetis Services | technology : Advanced ReportingAdvanced Reporting

A very important part of our day-to-day lives is reporting. Reporting is essential for our clients, it allows them to follow how their investments are being managed in order to maximise the results for their business. Reporting is also very important for us, so we can see which actions we need to take to further optimize our client’s campaigns and to keep on improving our work every day.

To summarize the return data of different advertising networks and to craft them into beautiful and crystal clear reports, we’ve created a reporting platform that’s so powerful, it’s even used by other agencies of the Omnicom group around the world.


Semetis Services | Technology : Internet Usage TrendsInternet Usage Trends

Our key values are Open, Share and Knowledge and we’d like to enforce these values with How we browse. It’s a free tool that allows everyone to analyse the internet usage trends in Belgium. How we browse is even being used as a research tool in various Belgian newsletters and magazines.

All data is updated daily and is based on anonymized web traffic information of the most visited websites in Belgium. Do you want to know which devices are used the most during business days? Which is the most popular web browser off the moment? Or do you have another question? Head over to How we browse to find out now!


Semetis Services | Technology : Stay Ahead Of Your CompetitionStay Ahead Of Your Competition

With an ever growing list of advertising networks it can be challenging to stay on top of every client’s campaigns to be sure everything's running smoothly. To help us to spot an opportunity within the tiniest glitch, even before it will occur, we’ve built a set of custom tools that allow us to monitor all aspects of our campaigns, across networks.

They say “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”. That’s also true in the advertising world. To always stay ahead of your competitors, it’s very important to keep a close watch on what they are doing. Our technology helps us to see which competitor is giving you the most pressure and how that pressure evolves over time so we can take according actions.


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