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Margaux Marien is currently eBusiness Consultant at Semetis. She succeeded with distinction her degree of business engineering at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Her appeal for marketing and entrepreneurship lead her to those studies.

In 2015, she studied one semester in Taipei at the National Chengchi University thanks to an exchange program. This enriching experience made her discover the taiwanese culture and enabled her to travel in Asia, which is one of her passion. One year later, she decided to extend her master with a credited internship to discover the work world. She thus integrated the insight marketing team of AB Inbev at Leuven. This developed further her affinity for data analysis.

In 2017, she decided to enter the professional world. Her interest in the measure of marketing impact lead her naturally to digital marketing and she started to work at Semetis. At the start of her career as an eBusiness Analyst, Margaux developed her technical knowledge to then sharpen her soft skills notably in project management. She consolidated in parallel her experience in digital advertising and digital business intelligence. Thanks to a varied range of clients, she has a complete overview of different industries’ needs and the corresponding digital strategies. Her clients are particularly active into the financial sector, retail, telecom and publisher.

In parallel, Margaux is athletic and loves especially team sports such as football that she is practicing since 2 years. She is also an unconditional foodie and enjoys making her relatives discover new sweet recipes.

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