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Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your responsibility within the company?

At the moment, my role is eBusiness Manager. I’ve been here for about 4 years, and since then my role has evolved from analyst - where I was focusing digital advertising expertise - to senior business consultant. As a senior consultant, I lead the relationship with our clients, thinking more long term.

I manage projects, but not people, we work as a team. I may coach people in the project, but that doesn’t require real ‘management’. Simply put: my role is to coach people on “How can we do this?’ or ‘How can we do this together?’. I get to share experience with younger staff members, and that’s really exciting.

What do you like most about working here?

We all have an eagerness to learn at Semetis - everyone is pushing harder. I can clearly see the benefit of working at a young company with young people.

I also like how my job is changing and evolving all the time, as the digital world is still super young. People say that digital has been around for years - but things are constantly changing, and I need to learn every day. Within the next few years, there will be something new, I’m sure.

Which projects are you working on? What makes the job challenging?

As is typical at Semetis, there’s a lot. I’m a eBusiness Manager, but i’ve been granted ‘the 20% Projects Time - 80% of your time to your clients, 20% to your projects. We can brainstorm, and find new ideas. Soon, I’m going to have the opportunity to give lectures and guest workshops, which I really like. I’ve been granted the opportunity to share my knowledge on what digital means and where we’re headed to. You know, ‘what they think, how they perceive the world’. It’s very rewarding.

How do you think you are making a difference?

In my role, I’m very enthusiastic, and positive. I bring this to events and projects I run, to keep the excitement flowing. In my impact, I try to show an example of having the positive attitude by doing fun things. For example: in the winter, people tend to feel less energetic and more tired, so we organized a programme, a 20-week countdown to Christmas. Every week it’s something out of the box that could energize the team. We had a session on Feng Shui, and on food, for example, to show how they contribute to your energy. This was so cool, as everyone was so inspired. But it’s just how we do things here.

How are you developing yourself at Semetis?

For me, it’s really about trying to keep your curiosity. If you find something new that you want to jump on, doing it. I’m at a point that if I need help, I’m okay asking for it. When I see something that makes me curious, I pursue it.

Can you describe the culture within Semetis?

Our culture is all about curiosity, and learning fast. Everyone who works here likes to learn and explore. And everyone likes to shine, and share what they have learned. We need to be social to succeed together. And sometimes that means bringing in outside ideas and people to share with us. But to me, that’s what this is all about!

What type of colleagues are you looking for?

We’re always looking for self-starters. We want people who can take charge of their own tasks, who are curious and spontaneous. You need to be energetic and work on a team. You have to be inquisitive, sometimes even of yourself. Listen to a client question, and then reflect on what it means they really need. And be proactive. Try to say yes to every opportunity. You can always learn along the way!


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Margaux Marien - Senior eBusiness Consultant @ Semetis

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