The market is evolving fast. In 2014, search was dominant and social was just getting started. Today, programmatic advertising is becoming the norm but traditional display & video still have a role to play.

Semetis offers a full digital advertising stack with a unique data-driven approach:

  • Enhanced media strategies including smart targeting while taking advantage of advanced data architecture
  • Continuous monitoring via our own tracking system and our own internal tools (in-house developed)
  • Full transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Perfect integration between Business Intelligence and Media

Semetis Services | Digital Advertising : ProgrammaticProgrammatic media buying

Programmatic Advertising has been the buzzword in the digital advertising landscape for a few years. But what is exactly Programmatic Advertising? It refers to a new way of buying media using softwares rather than human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

At Semetis we directly understood the potential of this new way of buying media. Either through private deals, preferred deals or via real-time bidding we propose customized strategies to our clients in order to make the best use of all inventories available on the web. Programmatic advertising especially allows our clients to make their brand awareness grow. Nevertheless it could also be considered as a performance channel when remarketing strategies are put in place.


Semetis Services | Digital Advertising : SocialSocial advertising

Nowadays everyone is connected on social networks. Raise the hand if you did not connect on Facebook yesterday.. Social platforms became in just a few years a perfect place for advertisers to push their promotional messages.

Social Advertising has been hugely increasing for a few years. Semetis followed the same trend and is now active on lots of different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn. The rise of those social platforms combined to an increasing user time usage (especially on mobile devices), lead us to integrate more and more this channel in our client media mix strategy. In just a few years, the targeting methods and ad formats evolved a lot, allowing us to use social advertising for very different objectives and purposes. Social advertising helps businesses find new potential clients by using users’ own shared information to identify interest. It proactively targets relevant users with innovative and engaging ad formats.


Semetis Services | Digital Advertising : SEASearch Engine Advertising (SEA)

Over the past few years search engines have become a life companion to many people. We use them to find information on products, services or physical stores. Advertisers have to capture those moments in order to attract users while they’re searching. Since a few years Search Advertising has consequently become a must-have for all advertisers. It is now a cornerstone of every digital advertising strategy.

At Semetis Search Advertising has always been one of our core business service. Google AdWords and Bing Ads have no more secrets for our expert teams. We also manage some campaigns using Search Management Platforms such as DoubleClick Search, Kenshoo Search or Marin Software. Search Advertising is more than just putting the right bidding to the right keywords. It also involves the setup of specific retargeting strategies, bid adjustments based on Device usage, Location or even Socio-demographics information, enhancing of text ads via ad extensions and A/B testing, etc.


Semetis Services | Digital Advertising : VideoVideo advertising

Online video has become a key channel for consuming content. According to Google 26% of Belgium watch online videos on a daily basis. Online Video Advertising is then booming and its future is more than bright. Video ads are indeed one of the fastest-growing ad mediums, far outpacing growth in spending on television and other digital formats. It provides a level of visual and narrative richness that nearly equals television, while offering all the advantages of digital, including advanced targeting, tracking, and increasingly, automated buying of video ad units.

At Semetis we manage video campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, DoubleClick and many other platforms promoting content via skippable, non-skippable or lightbox ad formats. Video ads represent an efficient way for our clients to push their branding or promotional messages to specific audiences.


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