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Recently, many advertisers got an email titled: “Important: GBRAID parameter will be enabled for your URLs to measure your iOS14.5+ conversions”. But what is the GBRAID parameter exactly, and how will it affect your tracking?

What is GBRAID?

Since Apple’s ATT policies took effect in 2021, Google no longer sends the Google Click Identifier (GCLID) for iOS 14 traffic coming from ads on Google apps. For any "web"-campaign (i.e. a campaign which sends traffic from a search engine or any other website), you will still be sending GCLID parameters if auto-tagging is enabled. You'll be able to identify the campaign and other attributes of the click associated with the ad for ad tracking and campaign attribution. Your URL will look like this:


GBRAID is the new parameter that measures app conversions driven by ad campaigns on iOS under the legal compliance of Apple’s ATT framework. GBRAID is used for app-to-app measurement, so it is basically used for the handful of Google apps that are sending ad traffic. WBRAID is another parameter that is used for web-to-app measurement.

Very simply put (note that this is only for iOS campaigns):


Why are GBRAID and WBRAID compliant and GCLID isn't?

The key distinction between GBRAID, WBRAID, and GCLID lies in their compliance with user privacy. GBRAID and WBRAID prioritize user privacy by offering aggregate reports on conversions, ensuring that individual users cannot be identified or linked to specific cross-site behaviors. These parameters employ de-identification techniques and other aggregation methods to maintain user anonymity.

In conclusion, GBRAID serves as the replacement parameter specifically designed for app-to-app measurement, enabling the tracking of conversions driven by ad campaigns on iOS devices within the boundaries of Apple's privacy regulations. Meanwhile, WBRAID is another parameter used for web-to-app measurement. These parameters align with Apple's privacy-focused initiatives while providing valuable insights into ad performance and conversions.

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