• Content Marketing - How AXA innovated with their video marketing strategy



  • Digital Advertising in 2017 - It’s not the same

    The digital transformation of our society has certainly impacted the advertising industry as a whole. We have come a long way since the Ad Men from Madison Avenue half a century ago. Today, our media mix is multi channel, our audience is mobile and on the go, out of home inventory is becoming programmatic, voice

  • How to implement a good online local strategy?

    Relations between headquarters (HQ) and franchisees are not always easy to manage. They depend on each other as much as they count on each other. Today one of HQ’s main challenge is to understand how to best support its franchisees in their online transition/transformation. This kind of problematic is valid for lots of different industries

  • Instagram Poll Sticker – The future of surveying millennials?

    Last week Instagram launched a new feature: the Instagram Poll Sticker. Is it just another cool gadget for the tech savvy youngsters of today? No, we discovered that it is actually a very useful new tool to perform market research on a Millennial audience.

    What are Instagram poll stickers ?

    Instagram’s new

  • Local Strategy: The impact of online campaigns on offline revenues - Atol les Opticiens Case Study

    It’s a fact, omnichannel businesses are more and more focusing on their local strategies. Apart from growing their online websites and e-commerce platforms, it is indeed crucial for many to also boost their physical stores. Physical stores are still a heavy revenue driver that shouldn’t be overlooked. What’s great

  • Omni-channel measurement in retail - A case study by IKEA Belgium

    According to recent Google figures e-commerce is growing up to 3% every year within the retail industry. Despite this growth we still notice a paradox: in store traffic remains the main objective & KPI of the average retailer. This is all driven by the fact that ...

  • Semetis is the first Segment certified agency in Belgium

    Semetis is the first Belgian agency to be Segment certified. Segment is a Customer Data Infrastructure platform that aims to unify data from a user point-of-view in order to enable streamlined and coordinated activation. Segment combines elements from both Tag Management Systems & Customer Data Platforms in
  • Series - A take on audiences (part 1 out of 5)

    Is a meaningful digital marketing audience approach a technological or a structural challenge ?

    From an advertising point of view ‘audience’ seems to be the new buzzword. The notion of audiences has been around ever since the rise of TV and radio where

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 2 out of 5)

    A practical approach for using audiences in your customer journey

    Data is the new gold and in the world of digital marketing it comes in the form of audiences. As soon as it became

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 3 out of 5)

    How are campaign budgets and structures impacted by audience-centric strategies?

    In our previous article we provided a methodology on how audiences should be put in place in order to deliver on their potential. In this article we’ll be
  • Series - A take on audiences (part 4 out of 5)

    How audiences will force companies to rethink the way they do business

    In our previous articles we elaborated on what the main challenges are in order to set up a successful audience strategy, how to get there and what the

  • Series - A take on audiences (part 5 out of 5)

     7 steps to create a practical Moment of Truth (MoT) strategy

    This relates to the series of articles that was published related to audiences. The objective of this article is to go through the different steps required in order to transform

  • Store Visits & Offline Conversions


    Over the last couple of years we have been hearing a lot about 2 important challenges:

    1. The big switch in Internet device consumption
    2. The challenge of integrating online & offline environment

    Actually, those two challenges have never been so close to each other. In fact,they

  • What is a Datalayer? An introduction


    The concept “datalayer” is usually presented as the enabler to implement a lot of digital advertising/analytics projects. But datalayers stay unclear for many actors.
    This article will introduce the datalayer by explaining simply what it is, the business advantages and the state of mind to adopt in order to


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