• A Successful SEO Case Study

    At Semetis, we have done plenty of SEO Audits over the years. These audits have been state-of-the-art, extensive and important. However, SEO becomes exciting and truly impactful when the audit and the strategy are brought to life.

    Generally, an audit and a strategy result in concrete recommendations. These

  • Acquire New Customers with Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC)

    2020 has been a special one so far. Some businesses have been impacted negatively, others have grown thanks to Covid’s impact. Despite the economic uncertainties, most e-commerces have grown strongly. Latest numbers of BeCommerce show a 33% increase for

  • Attribution Over Time

    If you are looking for a tutorial type of article giving you the 7 steps on “how to use attribution”. This article is not for you. If you expect to come out of this reading with a magic solution to help you define which budgets should be allocated to the different marketing initiatives you are driving. This article

  • B2B marketing: a 3-Step Model for B2B marketing success

    This article is the first in a series in which we’ll cover our vision on B2B marketing and present a pragmatic 3-step model for B2B marketing success. 


    Like a lot of

  • Blue Ocean Strategy


    Nowadays in digital marketing we are used to advertise for an existing market. Our tactics are easier with all the features flourishing on the advertising platform.

    But what about launching an advertising campaign about a product which is new and doesn't have a market yet ? For the ones that read the

  • Deliver your clients by car, not horse riding anymore

    10 years ago I joined Google. Lucky me. It was on May 2007. The term “cloud” wasn’t such a hype except internally at Google and a handful of big tech companies. Now, in early 2017, the term “cloud” reached its popularity peak in Google Trends.
  • Digital Advertising in 2017 - It’s not the same

    The digital transformation of our society has certainly impacted the advertising industry as a whole. We have come a long way since the Ad Men from Madison Avenue half a century ago. Today, our media mix is multi channel, our audience is mobile and on the go, out of home inventory is becoming programmatic, voice

  • How can you use the Hype Cycle to guide your technology decisions?

    As you all know, we are in a world where technology is creating a lot

  • How to get started with CRO experiments

    If you are working for a company which is generating online conversions, you probably already looked for ways to generate more conversions on your website. This can be done thanks to Conversion Rate Optimization. CRO is a process that will help you improve the conversion rate of

  • Launch of Atlas at Semetis

    BRUSSELS - 17/06/2021 - Semetis launches Atlas, a new R&D Center, expanding capabilities in data science and machine learning

    New R&D

  • New leadership at Semetis

    BRUSSELS - 31/05/2021 - Semetis, Belgian leading Digital Marketing Agency, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dhan Claes and Jennifer Hubert as Directors in their responsibility of the agency’s new leadership as of June

  • Press release - Semetis is Mixpanel certified partner

    Semetis is the first Belgian agency to be a Mixpanel certified partner. Mixpanel is a user & product analytics solution focused on collecting accurate data, identify trends in order to understand why users take certain actions so the product & customer journey can be improved. Mixpanel is a solution designed for product teams &

  • The first Google shopping campaign with partners in Belgium

    We are very pleased to announce that Semetis is the first Belgian agency to have launched a Shopping Campaign with Partners with the collaboration of Vanden Borre and Samsung. 

    google shopping partners collaboration 1

    The infinite fragmentation, a perspective on the evolution of the digital advertising industry

    1960 to 2054 - A century of evolution for the advertising industry

    Feature films and TV series often try to project the viewer into the future (what could it look like), often high on action and adrenaline. These can also be storifications of the past (what was it like), often

  • Voice Assistance - How to integrate voice into your digital transformation roadmap

    Aside from Google, Apple and Amazon we see more and more companies exploring the area of voice. As stated in the previous article “Voice Assistance - Is voice the new wave of digital

  • Voice Assistance - Is voice the next wave of digital transformation?

    It is being said that voice is the next wave after mobile, but actually, it is already here. If you are in the digital industry space you definitely need to understand the way voice will impact your business.

    Let’s start with some interesting

  • Welcome to the digital advertising apocalypse

    This piece of writing offers advertisers a peek into the future of advertising. No need to say that future is data-driven, but the extent of that data-drivenness might be larger than people in the industry might expect. This article aims to address the part that is often forgotten, the creative part. But next to being a window into the future,

  • What is Black Friday?

    What is Black Friday and how is it impacting the advertising industry?

    If you have listened to the radio, watched TV or browsed the web in the month of November, you have heard about Black Friday. For the last couple of years (yes, it's that recent in Belgium), it is the absolute marketing buzzword of the month of November. It is

  • What is Channable? What can it be used for?

    Channable is a feed management tool in which you can create, optimize and export your feed across a multitude of comparison websites, affiliate platforms and marketplaces. But let’s dive deeper into their offering and see what it is all about.
    To start using Channable you’ll have to first create an import. This


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