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BRUSSELS - 17/06/2021 - Semetis launches Atlas, a new R&D Center, expanding capabilities in data science and machine learning

New R&D unit

In a direct response to the profound impact of data and computing in our industry, Semetis launches a new unit referred to as Atlas. Atlas combines state-of-the-art development lab and a fully-equipped data science center in a single department. The department will accelerate the growth of Semetis’ portfolio on two axes. The first one is the development of innovative technologies and products that overcome data challenges. Secondly, the unit will provide hands-on support to assist advertisers in collecting, managing and activating their data for advertising purposes. The department will be led by Grégoire le Hardy, Head of Analytics, and Cédric Lequenne, Head of Strategy.


Semetis has a proven track record for bringing business growth to their clients through driving innovation in a suitable and sustainable way. The agency is pioneering in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. “With our recent work with Ardennes-Etape, where we unlocked new sales growth with predictive marketing, we gained recognition as thought-leader by Google EMEA. Building further on this unique area of specialization is the clear next step” says Grégoire le Hardy. 

Why does our industry need Atlas?

The biggest challenge for marketers today is turning the sheer volume of data they have access to into actual actionable insights. Not only is (1) the volume of data problematic for a human brain to handle, (2) the technical skill sets are evolving. Marketers can only make data-informed decisions if both challenges are tackled.” explains Grégoire le Hardy. To better address the needs of  clients, Semetis is tackling these challenges by extending the marketing ecosystem with both technological capabilities and human skills.  “With Atlas, we are able to supercharge the client’s marketing efforts and turn any marketing team into a data-driven quick shifting marketing unit. We are expanding our capabilities for delivering tailor made customer experiences and soaring ROI marketing results. From a business perspective, this is a game changer on five levels: cost-effectiveness, digital transformation, effective development of product and services, data back-ups and scalability.” says Cédric Lequenne.

Challenges ahead

Our new reality is getting more complex and dynamic, and it challenges everyone’s ability to create value. “We must manage the dark side of data, and explore new ways of doing so. With the cookie apocalypse there is a clear market need for a comprehensive set of information, technology and analytics to build up a first party data strategy. Atlas purpose is to remove the bottlenecks clients are facing due to measurement limitations, data overload, limited computing capacity and the lack of technical knowledge.” says Grégoire le Hardy.


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