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BRUSSELS - 31/05/2021 - Semetis, Belgian leading Digital Marketing Agency, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dhan Claes and Jennifer Hubert as Directors in their responsibility of the agency’s new leadership as of June 1st. 

New leadership team

Dhan Claes and Jennifer Hubert are the up-and-comers set to accelerate Semetis growth, building on the agency's outstanding reputation. Yes, they are in their early 30’s, and yes they are women.

Semetis cultivates, for over a decade, a strong culture of co-leadership. Effective June, Dhan Claes and Jennifer Hubert will operate in what’s been called the “two in a box” model. Dhan Claes, as Managing Director, and Jennifer Hubert as Operations Director, committed to leading the agency together to the next level.

Ambitiously determined to bring business growth for its clients through exploration, Semetis enlists visionary and critical thinkers who believe in its core values. Jennifer and Dhan grew along with the company. While many millennials are known as job-hoppers, both Jennifer and Dhan started in entry-level positions at Semetis. They started as eBusiness Analyst, setting-up and optimizing digital advertising campaigns and analytics. Evolving to top performing consultants they evaluated, developed and operated digital marketing activities, resulting in delivering growth and value to their clients. They have a deep understanding of how a client’s business operates and how to overcome their digital challenges. Over the years they rose to management roles, overseeing both a team of a dozen people. They know the ins and outs of the business across teams and departments.

Having been here for a long time, I have seen that people at Semetis constantly intend to push the limits. What I have learned is that creating and maintaining our culture and environment of growing, failing and belonging is a very important part of leadership. This allowed us to overcome the humble beginnings and climb the ladder” says Jennifer Hubert.

For the last few years, Dhan Claes has played a crucial role in the development and innovation tracks of data-driven marketing at Semetis, making sure Semetis is pioneering together with its clients in areas they see great value in. In her new position, she will drive business development and the commercial aspects of the agency. Over the course of the last few years, Jennifer Hubert became a pivotal part in the growth of Semetis by carrying out the organizational changes. In her new role, she will be focusing on the beating heart of Semetis: people’s growth, operational excellence and service quality. They will be supported by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Head of Strategy, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Head of Analytics, focusing on the development and expansion of the different services. 

Women leadership

Omnicom Media Group and the Semetis Board of Directors are proud about this new era of women executives at the head of Semetis. Women bring different perspectives, structural and cultural differences, which ultimately drive effective and innovative solutions. 

Semetis is strong and growing

“A little over a year ago COVID19 was just starting to take hold, and it created a world filled with great uncertainty. But what did not change is the sense amongst the Semetissians that the best is yet to come. With that mindset, we booked a record year in terms of revenue in 2020 and generated +30% growth in the first quarter of 2021. The numbers continue to prove that youth is not wasted on the young.” says Dhan Claes. 

Semetissians are a digital first generation, and that is clearly a strength they build on. The facts speak for themselves. “As our business continues to grow, we have been heavily investing in our employees to reflect our ambition. In the last 12 months we have recruited 16 talents.”, says Jennifer Hubert. Next to that, Semetis continues exploring solutions to bring business growth to their clients and drive innovation in a suitable and sustainable way. The agency is pioneering in emerging technology such as artificial intelligence. Through their department ROBOT, consisting of data engineers and data scientists, AI is used to help advertisers. Innovating with adtech got Semetis listed four times as nominee for the AMMA Awards of 2021.  “We don't always brag, but when you win three AMMA Awards, there is something. It is a testament that our work is among the best in the industry. “ says Dhan Claes. 

Commenting on the appointment, Omnicom Media Group Belgium CEO, Sonja Klein says: “I am delighted that Dhan Claes and Jennifer Hubert are taking over the leadership of Semetis. Semetis has clients that are digital, media and tech savvy, open to innovation, with the pandemic needing to even further accelerate their digital transformation. The strong experience of Semetis and the new management team will be vital to guide those clients and deliver on their digital challenges.”.


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