• A very short introduction to Segment

    Segment positions itself as a Customer Data Infrastructure or CDI. What that actually means is that they see themselves as the glue that binds any and all customer data points in order to create a holistic view of all interactions of a company with a customer. They don’t limit themselves to web data or CRM data.

  • Building data-driven persona’s

    Since the 2000s, it is common to hear that companies want to get closer to their respective customers to define themselves as customer-centric. Moreover, these companies have more and more individual customer data available through different channels. Thus, the marketing function moves gradually from mass marketing

  • Carglass® continues to pioneer: launch the very first data-driven video campaign in Belgium

    Carglass® is a great example of how automation through MarTech tools can change and transform, their processes with business acceleration as a result.

    The majority of Belgians confronted with a broken car window have the reflex to go to the Carglass® website and start registering their damage and schedule

  • Four ways to debug a Segment setup

    Building a Customer Data Infrastructure through Segment sets you up with a data pipeline that’s able to take data to a multitude of applications downstream. The quality of that data as well as the potential the data holds is tied directly to the quality of your technical specification as well as

  • Google launches a new Attribution Beta


    A couple of days ago, you might have seen a new tab in your Google Analytics report: Attribution Beta. This news Beta from Google did not make a lot of noise in the news, but only a couple of weeks after the launch of the “Web +

  • How Supermetrics is making BigQuery accessible for marketers

    A few weeks ago during NEXT, Supermetrics announced the integration of BigQuery with Supermetrics. This is the first ever native BigQuery Data Transfer Service app for non-Google marketing platform. Indeed, you now have the opportunity to connect to a lot of products such as Facebook, Bing, Linkedin, etc.

  • If data is the new oil, AI is the refinery & the Cloud is the pipeline

    Data is the new oil. A tagline used over and over again to indicate the value & potential of raw data points as a resource for better decision making within business (& other) environments. While this might be true, the misconception with this tagline is that data as such is a product ready for use. Mind

  • On the front line of data-driven advertising

    In our previous article we laid down the challenges of creativity in the digital space and offered a potential solution through the infusion of data into the creatives themselves. The next questions would be “how & where” do I get this done?


  • Press release - Semetis is Mixpanel certified partner

    Semetis is the first Belgian agency to be a Mixpanel certified partner. Mixpanel is a user & product analytics solution focused on collecting accurate data, identify trends in order to understand why users take certain actions so the product & customer journey can be improved. Mixpanel is a solution designed for product teams &

  • The future is here: a MarTech Solution for data-driven video without transcoding

    Data-driven creatives are the future of video content. Yet, the Marketing Technology landscape does not offer the appropriate solution. AdSomeNoise and Semetis’ experiences with data-driven marketing as services companies identified a gap in the MarTech tool universe that they could uniquely fill. And because it

  • The Trade Desk: the Iphone of the DSP’s

    In the digital advertising market there is a growing need for transparency and competition is becoming stronger over time. Marketers are confronted with rising expectations and lower budgets to invest, all this while having to guarantee a better return-on-investment. The demand-side platform The Trade Desk tackles

  • Welcome to the digital advertising apocalypse

    This piece of writing offers advertisers a peek into the future of advertising. No need to say that future is data-driven, but the extent of that data-drivenness might be larger than people in the industry might expect. This article aims to address the part that is often forgotten, the creative part. But next to being a window into the future,


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