• A very short introduction to Segment

    Segment positions itself as a Customer Data Infrastructure or CDI. What that actually means is that they see themselves as the glue that binds any and all customer data points in order to create a holistic view of all interactions of a company with a customer. They don’t limit themselves to web data or CRM data.

  • Building data-driven persona’s

    Since the 2000s, it is common to hear that companies want to get closer to their respective customers to define themselves as customer-centric. Moreover, these companies have more and more individual customer data available through different channels. Thus, the marketing function moves gradually from mass marketing

  • Carglass® continues to pioneer: launch the very first data-driven video campaign in Belgium

    Carglass® is a great example of how automation through MarTech tools can change and transform, their processes with business acceleration as a result.

    The majority of Belgians confronted with a broken car window have the reflex to go to the Carglass® website and start registering their damage and schedule

  • Data Studio Tip: How to report on multiple conversions

    In Google Data Studio, you most likely have multiple conversions you want to report on. Either you have a webshop for which you want to track your sales, but you also want to track other micro conversions, such as people adding an item to the cart or people simply clicking on product details. If you’re a B2B player,

  • Four ways to debug a Segment setup

    Building a Customer Data Infrastructure through Segment sets you up with a data pipeline that’s able to take data to a multitude of applications downstream. The quality of that data as well as the potential the data holds is tied directly to the quality of your technical specification as well as

  • Google launches a new Attribution Beta


    A couple of days ago, you might have seen a new tab in your Google Analytics report: Attribution Beta. This news Beta from Google did not make a lot of noise in the news, but only a couple of weeks after the launch of the “Web +

  • How Supermetrics is making BigQuery accessible for marketers

    A few weeks ago during NEXT, Supermetrics announced the integration of BigQuery with Supermetrics. This is the first ever native BigQuery Data Transfer Service app for non-Google marketing platform. Indeed, you now have the opportunity to connect to a lot of products such as Facebook, Bing, Linkedin, etc.

  • How to use Smartly to set-up Weather triggered campaigns

    During the summer period, many companies run their summer campaigns promoting products like barbecues, swimming pools,... They often develop sunny creatives to fit the summer period and resonate with people. However, the Belgian weather is very volatile and an advertisement with a swimming pool

  • If data is the new oil, AI is the refinery & the Cloud is the pipeline

    Data is the new oil. A tagline used over and over again to indicate the value & potential of raw data points as a resource for better decision making within business (& other) environments. While this might be true, the misconception with this tagline is that data as such is a product ready for use. Mind

  • On the front line of data-driven advertising

    In our previous article we laid down the challenges of creativity in the digital space and offered a potential solution through the infusion of data into the creatives themselves. The next questions would be “how & where” do I get this done?


  • Press release - Semetis is Mixpanel certified partner

    Semetis is the first Belgian agency to be a Mixpanel certified partner. Mixpanel is a user & product analytics solution focused on collecting accurate data, identify trends in order to understand why users take certain actions so the product & customer journey can be improved. Mixpanel is a solution designed for product teams &

  • Profit Margin Data in Google Ads

    Profit Margin Bidding.

    Optimizing your Google accounts based on profit data. 

    It seems the logical next step in Smart bidding optimization.

    Profit Margin Data in Google Ads...

  • The future is here: a MarTech Solution for data-driven video without transcoding

    Data-driven creatives are the future of video content. Yet, the Marketing Technology landscape does not offer the appropriate solution. AdSomeNoise and Semetis’ experiences with data-driven marketing as services companies identified a gap in the MarTech tool universe that they could uniquely fill. And because it

  • The ins and outs of GDPR, ePrivacy and Cookies

    GDPR, ePrivacy, cookies,... these are buzzwords which have been around for some time now in the digital landscape. Probably you have had several thoughts racing through your mind about GDPR and privacy laws. How will this impact my digital marketing strategy? How can I get my website compliant to GDPR policies? The

  • The Trade Desk: the Iphone of the DSP’s

    In the digital advertising market there is a growing need for transparency and competition is becoming stronger over time. Marketers are confronted with rising expectations and lower budgets to invest, all this while having to guarantee a better return-on-investment. The demand-side platform The Trade Desk tackles

  • Welcome to the digital advertising apocalypse

    This piece of writing offers advertisers a peek into the future of advertising. No need to say that future is data-driven, but the extent of that data-drivenness might be larger than people in the industry might expect. This article aims to address the part that is often forgotten, the creative part. But next to being a window into the future,


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