• 15 ways to optimize your Facebook campaigns

    You are about to launch your first Facebook campaigns or you have already launched some but are not satisfied with the results? Here are 15 effective tips to optimize and improve the results of your campaigns.

  • Drive store visits with Facebook Ad Coupons

    What is the Facebook offer format?

    Facebook “offer” ads is a newly updated feature proposed to businesses. Advertisers can share discount or specific offers to their customers via their Facebook page. Two formats of offers are currently available :

    • Online & in Store
      The offer can be redeemed online through
  • Driving store visits and in-store sales via Facebook Store Visit campaigns

    Nowadays we notice that people research more and more products and business locations on their mobile phones. As sales still happen mostly in stores, retailers find it crucial to run campaigns driving store visits, meaning that they need to push people close by to come to their store and make a physical purchase.

    What are store visits

  • Everything you need to know about the Facebook Canvas Ad Format

    Online advertising with immersive ad formats

    Advertising online is becoming more and more about reaching out to the potential customer in a creative and innovative way. Using impactful ad formats in combination with the right creative content, will help you reach your target audience and of course your objectives. This article will

  • Facebook Ads Delivery Algorithm

    There are over 2 billion people on Facebook, Instagram and the Audience network, with millions of advertisers trying to reach them every day. The ad’s delivery system of Facebook is designed to maximize the advertisers value & optimize the consumer’s experience. Therefore, it’s crucial for advertisers to perfectly understand how Facebook’s

  • Facebook Split testing

    Recently, Facebook rolled out its updated A/B testing tool, also known as Split testing, in Belgium. The update to split testing brings a fresh view on how advertisers can further improve their ad and campaign performances. This by basing themselves on data-driven insights. In the article we will take a closer look at the update, how it

  • Improve efficiency with “Bulk Import & Export” in Facebook

    Did you know that you could save more than 50% of your time on Facebook Ads Manager? Whether it is for creating new campaigns, using the structure of old campaigns or make adjustments to existing campaigns, you can simply use this powerful feature. Discover what “Bulk Import & Export” can mean for you.

    What is “Bulk Import

  • Instagram’s new IGTV taking YouTube by storm

    Did YouTube just get serious competition? Coming from Instagram? Yes you’ve heard it right. On June 20th 2018, Instagram announced the launch of its newest app ‘IGTV’ which takes the video landscape by storm.

    Did YouTube have no real competition until now?

    Of course it did! But none managed to strongly compete against

  • Roll out of Facebook messenger payments

    Facebook just rolled out the digital wallet through Facebook Messenger in France and UK. We expect this feature to be rolled out in other countries soon as well. Throughout this article we will break it down what it means to users in terms of features and security.


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