Marketing Automation

  • A take on digital marketing automation

    I was born in 87 and part of the generation Y. As a kid, I was able to witness the rapid changes and huge boom in technology and the Internet. It was the time of the dotcom bubble where everything seemed possible. At the age of 15, I was so happy to test MSN live chat to be in live conversation with my friends. 15 years later, automated

  • Can a robot do my job?


    Yep, you’re doomed!

    The longer story

    The question “Can a robot do my job?” or the darker variation to that question “Will a robot take my job?” has been asked in fear for many times in history. Every time a technological advancement was made, people were afraid it would take their jobs. Sometimes they were

  • Carglass - Data-Driven creativity & automation as a basis for exponential ROI growth


    When people are confronted with a broken car window their first reflex is often to go to the Carglass website and start registering their case. However, we saw that funnels are often abandoned, even though people have damaged windshields.

    This is unfortunate for Carglass because people seem to lose the urgency

  • Quick-Step: Guide users through the full floor buying customer journey by using data driven creatives


    Our Quick-Step case shows the enormous potential of data-driven ads, not only for remarketing purposes, but also to use prospection audiences. Together with all partners involved (Unilin, AdSomeNoise) we conquered many


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