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Every working day at Semetis starts by monitoring all active campaigns looking for anomalies or opportunities that need to be addressed. We call this process the morning coffee. However, as the number of channels to be managed continues to increase, the number of platforms to be checked multiplies quickly. Morning coffees started to become very time-consuming. 


Time efficiency

As the efficiency of such an important routine decreased we investigated the possibility of improving the process. We first identified a couple of improvement points such as:

  • The need to login to each platform separately
  • The difficulty to assess performance and budgets across multiple platforms
  • The lack of visibility of performance versus target


Then, we started identifying some potential solutions:

  • The automated import of metrics in Google Sheets
  • The use of BI tools such as Data Studio for monitoring 
  • The use of API connectors in an own environment


The first two options were quickly off the table for a couple of reasons, one being the amount of time required to have the correct data accessible. We, therefore, started looking into option 3 and started building our own tool to improve our monitoring coffee routine.


With the help of a data extraction tool (managing the API updates from various platforms), we build our own monitoring and optimisation tool: Wave. This tool comes with a couple of features:


Bundle your data sources in a single dashboard/report

All your campaign data is directly accessible. All platforms are connected: D&V360, Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Criteo, etc. You can consult the data from all your campaigns in one view, without needing to login into each environment separately.


Our added value: group every campaign-related data

You can group the data of the different media platforms used for your campaign in one single view  This allows you to have a comprehensive view of your campaign results across channels.


Our innovation

Per channel, you can set objectives and targets at any KPI level of choice. Once this has been set up, the most appropriate data visualization appears. As such, you can easily monitor the real-time performances of your campaigns versus your target. We don’t stop there. We use machine learning in order to predict the final results at the end of the campaign. This allows you to pinpoint which channels require action and optimization.



The usage of Wave at Semetis, allowed us to reduce the amount of time spent on our morning coffee routine by half. This represents 240 working days saved on a yearly basis. This is almost equivalent to a full FTE. This huge amount of time saved allows us to (1) invest more into the optimization of our campaigns,  and (2) on strategy In turn, this has a big impact on the bottom line of our campaign performances as Wave allows the team to quickly pinpoint trends and opportunities to require action.


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