• Decathlon: Maximizing business profitability with automated SEO-SEA synergies


    For years, has been the biggest ecommerce company in Belgium. But the runner up in the sports and outdoor segment is Decathlon, followed by Nike. Decathlon’s e-commerce accounts for 21% of the chain’s total sales in Belgium. It is not surprising that SERP

  • Elevate your Google Ads Campaigns with LinkChecker and Redirect Checker Templates

    LinkChecker script

    Changes can happen, also on websites. However it’s very unfortunate when there are changes made which result in your final URL not working anymore. This is not only annoying for the users and their user experience, but this can also hurt your SEO/SEA efforts as this looks unprofessional. Luckily there is a Google

  • Korian’s Multi-data Approach for Better Elderly Care Image

    The battle against negative brand image in elderly care


    Did you know that in Belgium 62% of people aged 50 and over have a negative image of nursing homes? A Belgian study also found that 70% of older adults fear living in retirement homes due to


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