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  • Add weather information to your Google Analytics with Tealium

    In this article I’ll explain how to add weather information to your Google Analytics data using Tealium. This article is rather technical, so if words like JavaScript, JSON, PHP and server scare you, this article might not be the right article for you.

    Collecting the weather data

    First we need to collect the weather data for

  • All you need to know about Google Analytics Web + App

    We’re done waiting ! After years of non-progress Google officially announced yesterday their massive step towards unification of data coming from applications and web platforms in GA : Web + App Properties.

    App and Web

    Attribution Models - An Introduction

    Attribution (modelling) is a hot topic in digital marketing. All stakeholders have been focussing more and more on attribution: companies, agencies and especially big players like Google have been working and pushing on this subject. The “Why?” is quite clear: since measurability is the big advantage of digital marketing, it’s only logical

  • Carglass - Data-Driven creativity & automation as a basis for exponential ROI growth


    When people are confronted with a broken car window their first reflex is often to go to the Carglass website and start registering their case. However, we saw that funnels are often abandoned, even though people have damaged windshields.

    This is unfortunate for Carglass because people seem to lose the urgency

  • Digital Advertising in 2017 - It’s not the same

    The digital transformation of our society has certainly impacted the advertising industry as a whole. We have come a long way since the Ad Men from Madison Avenue half a century ago. Today, our media mix is multi channel, our audience is mobile and on the go, out of home inventory is becoming programmatic, voice

  • Don’t wait any further to use GA4

     It’s been almost exactly a year since we started pushing our clients into adopting Google Analytics 4.

  • Enhance Ad Campaigns with Weather Data - Part 2


    A few months ago I wrote an article on “enhancing ad campaigns with weather data”. The goal of this first article was to explain how, from a technical

  • Google Analytics 4 is there!

    Google finally launched their new product after many exciting months of bèta testing their App + Web property. Indeed, Google Analytics 4 is now the main property type in Google Analytics. If you are creating a new property today, you will end up with a GA4 property by default

  • Google launches a new Attribution Beta


    A couple of days ago, you might have seen a new tab in your Google Analytics report: Attribution Beta. This news Beta from Google did not make a lot of noise in the news, but only a couple of weeks after the launch of the “Web +

  • Google Marketing Platform partners summit 2018: A sneak peek of 5 new features

    About a month and a half ago, we attended the Google Marketing Platform partners Summit in San Francisco (#GMP2018). During two days Google product managers and developers gave presentations on the latest developments in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Optimize, Google Ads, Search Ads 306, Display and Video 360 and

  • How Google shut up the Apple ITP announcement

    Back in June, Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) which goal is to limit third-party trackers from capturing cross-site browsing data. Only a few month later, Google thumbs at Apple nose and comes up with a

  • How to implement a good online local strategy?

    Relations between headquarters (HQ) and franchisees are not always easy to manage. They depend on each other as much as they count on each other. Today one of HQ’s main challenge is to understand how to best support its franchisees in their online transition/transformation. This kind of problematic is valid for lots of different industries

  • How we used the Measurement Protocol to track Spotify saves in Google Analytics

    Unless you’re a real Google Analytics geek, you’ve probably already heard from the Measurement Protocol but haven’t seen any applications besides the coffee machine video. This video suggest you need to be McGyver in order to be able to work with the Measurement Protocol. Sure, you

  • Is your organisation ready for Google Analytics 360?

    More and more organisations are looking into making the switch towards the Google Analytics premium version and related paid products, called the “Google 360 suite”. It is however

  • Microsoft Launches Its Free Web Analytics Product: Clarity

    Last week, Microsoft announced the launch of their web analytics tool. The tool claims to focus on behavioral analysis in an attempt to improve the overall user experience. Moreover, security has been built-in from the start as GDPR compliance is one of the product’s cornerstones

  • My web analytics data is not perfect, and I’m OK with it

    Data quality is undoubtedly a key part of any successful data-oriented decision. Shit in. Shit out. And because it’s a success enabler, there is absolutely no reason not to heavily invest in it. Except, there is!

    As a foreword, I should mention that I’m not trying to say there’s no need to aspire for accurate, precise,

  • Quick-Step: Guide users through the full floor buying customer journey by using data driven creatives


    Our Quick-Step case shows the enormous potential of data-driven ads, not only for remarketing purposes, but also to use prospection audiences. Together with all partners involved (Unilin, AdSomeNoise) we conquered many

  • Semetis is the first Segment certified agency in Belgium

    Semetis is the first Belgian agency to be Segment certified. Segment is a Customer Data Infrastructure platform that aims to unify data from a user point-of-view in order to enable streamlined and coordinated activation. Segment combines elements from both Tag Management Systems & Customer Data Platforms in
  • Taking Google Analytics Intelligence for a quick spin

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two concepts that will lie on the lips of every marketer in 2018. Google is one of the parties involved pushing the research in this field to the next level. This year, we see shimmers of this technology coming through in Google Analytics. First there was Data Driven Attribution for GA360 users

  • TealiumIQ vs Google Tag Manager

    Tag Management Systems are omnipresent in today’s Digital Marketing & Web analytics industry.  TMS’s emerged in the late 2000’s to address the many opportunities and challenges posed by the explosive growth in digital marketing solutions.
    Tag Management Systems help companies to strategically manage their (online)


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