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It’s a fact, omnichannel businesses are more and more focusing on their local strategies. Apart from growing their online websites and e-commerce platforms, it is indeed crucial for many to also boost their physical stores. Physical stores are still a heavy revenue driver that shouldn’t be overlooked. What’s great is that digital can play a role in boosting in-store traffic and revenues. We can link online to offline in order to increase performance of the business thanks to strong local strategies that ensure its growth. We have thus built a case study about Atol les Opticiens, for which we built a completely new local strategy.

By leveraging automation, customized solutions, and heavy personalization, we convinced store owners of the online to offline value. This lead to an allocation of resources to reinforce their digital presence and grow their total business (online & offline).

What was the challenge to build a local strategy for Atol les Opticiens?

Atol les Opticiens is a cooperative with more than 700 shops across France. It is clearly the shops that drive revenues. We have thus reflected on how to onboard the shop owners to invest from their pocket in digital in order to increase the visibility of their own stores and use digital as a growth driver from online to offline. The aim being to capitalize on driving traffic to stores with digital solutions that are applicable at a huge scale with personalized offers.

Our approach

Together with Atol les Opticiens, we built structured and personalized offers (called ‘local packs’), composed of different channels and pack sizes. Google automated solutions enabled us to build campaigns at a large scale, taking into account that tailor-made campaigns were a must. This drove the shops to ‘subscribe’ to local packs in order to increase their online presence, bring further investments & ultimately grow their own revenues. As a pull funnel, we built highly personalized Google Search campaigns in which each shop has its own campaign, landing page, radius targeting, call and location extension. Facebook store visits campaigns (more infos in this article) acted as a push strategy. We developed strong automatised tools to advise the 700+ shops which type of pack fits them best; a solid personalized & automated reporting solution so that each store has a view on its performances and use our in-house budget monitoring technology to closely follow budget spending.

The results

In 2019, already 600 shops have been convinced and subscribed to the packs. This lead to a considerable increase in investments of +127% in our local digital campaigns.
On top, the store visits registered (in Google and Facebook) have grown considerably (about +25%), as well as the revenues. We’ve indeed registered a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 48.0 so far.


Digital should be considered as a strong addition to offline. Digital isn’t overtaking stores' business but should rather be seen as an enabler to drive even stronger traffic and revenues in store. Building smart local strategies to be positioned on the right channels, together with automation to operate at scale, is what businesses need to study to stimulate their sales.

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