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The global Doritos slogan is ‘For the Bold’, this because it focuses on a very young target group (16-24-year-olds). However, in Belgium the brand did not have strong connotations with boldness, so we had to install the ‘For the Bold’ concept by creating a push brand awareness campaign with limited budget/resources in the first phase. Based on research on this target audience and our limited resources, we decided this should be a 100% digitally focused campaign, more specifically leveraging social & content with a series of funny short videos while creating an environment for it to become viral on YouTube/Skynet & Facebook.

In the second phase, we challenged three celebrity Belgian influencers via the ‘What do you dare’ campaign. Doritos proposed two challenges: Would you dare skydiving blindfolded or would you rather dare to go zip-lining backwards instead? The influencers created a teaser video to explain the Doritos ‘For the Bold’ campaign and they described the two challenges. They asked their followers to vote on their favorite challenge on the Doritos Facebook page. This ensured brand engagement with the target audience. Subsequently the influencer had to accept the winning challenge together with a winning follower that voted. Finally, the influencer created a bold video of the challenge execution and promoted it on various social media channels => a smart way of creating quality content with a limited budget.

Via those collaborations we created epic and engaging content to attract the attention of our very young target group. This was a 100% digital campaign that showed great results in terms of awareness and engagement, >400K video views on YouTube (3.3 M impressions) & >500K views on Facebook (1M Reach, 2.1K post likes & 520 comments + >41K influencer video views & 487 comments). In terms of brand lift, the campaign produced a 63.7% in ad recall NL & 58.6% in ad recall FR.

The media choice and combination between influencers and digital proved to be right in terms of dynamism, engagement and most importantly results.


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