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How to leverage store visits for your business

Omnichannel is everywhere. A couple of years ago, this was a new phenomenon, but we’ve evolved towards a digital advertising spectrum where store visits are getting more and more incorporated in the marketing strategies and objectives. Store visits In short, store visits have the objective of...

Automation in Search Engine Advertising

The future of PPC Automation Do you work in digital advertising?Great, early retirement is waiting for you... Not exactly. But automation will change your job, that’s a given. Computers are getting faster.Algorithms are getting smarter.Artificial intelligence and machine learning are getting...

Building data-driven persona’s

Since the 2000s, it is common to hear that companies want to get closer to their respective customers to define themselves as customer-centric. Moreover, these companies have more and more individual customer data available through different channels. Thus, the marketing function moves gradually...

A very short introduction to Segment

Segment positions itself as a Customer Data Infrastructure or CDI. What that actually means is that they see themselves as the glue that binds any and all customer data points in order to create a holistic view of all interactions of a company with a customer. They don’t limit themselves to web...

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