• A new function for Google Search: Gallery Ads

    What is it?

    Gallery ads are a new way to engage with your potential customers. Thanks to this new format, it is now possible to bring a visual experience to those people who are ready to discover your product/service. By adding images to your search ads, they become more pleasant and attractive.

  • All you need to know about the new Google Analytics update

    We’re done waiting ! After years of non-progress Google officially announced yesterday their massive step towards unification of data coming from applications and web platforms in GA : Web + App Properties.

    App and Web

    An extremely low CTR in Google Ads

    Have you noted an extremely low CTR for some of your keywords ? Well, if you are wondering where it comes from you came to the right place. Even more, if you want to know who to tackle it, keep on reading !

    Definition of Clickthrough rate (CTR)

    The Clickthrough rate is a ratio that represents how often users who see your ad

  • Boost your performance with Google Smart Shopping

    Showing up on top of the search results, visually appealing and displaying key product information in one shot, Google Shopping ads proved to be one of the most successful channels for brands to attract valuable consumers online at the very spot where most of them start looking for the products they want.

  • Deliver your clients by car, not horse riding anymore

    10 years ago I joined Google. Lucky me. It was on May 2007. The term “cloud” wasn’t such a hype except internally at Google and a handful of big tech companies. Now, in early 2017, the term “cloud” reached its popularity peak in Google Trends.
  • Element Visibility Trigger in GTM

    Introduction: What is a Viewport ?

    The Viewport is defined by Google as “a framed area on a display screen for viewing information.” Basically, the Viewport is everything that is directly visible on your web page.
    Note that the Viewport does not consider everything related to the browser (menu bar, address bar, etc.), the scroll

  • Google Marketing Platform partners summit 2018: A sneak peek of 5 new features

    About a month and a half ago, we attended the Google Marketing Platform partners Summit in San Francisco (#GMP2018). During two days Google product managers and developers gave presentations on the latest developments in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Optimize, Google Ads, Search Ads 306, Display and Video 360 and

  • Google organic posts - being organically social?

    Having a promotion, event or announcement as an advertiser, you get your message out by inserting this in your existing ad texts, updating website content or getting social. When you have frequently promotions or events, this all implies changing your ad texts manually and/or taking into account SEO indexing. Next to this,

  • Google Search Console - How to work with the new Interface

    Google released a new Google Search Console interface in order to help users monitor the traffic of their website and help Google crawl the website. For the moment, it is only available in a beta version with few features. The beta GSC has five new reports: Index Coverage Status report, AMP status report, Job postings status report, Sitemaps

  • Google Shopping: Google opens doors to non-Google Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

    In 2017 Google was condemned by the European Commission to a record fine (2.4 billions Euros) for abuse of dominant position in the context of shopping search results.

    Why ? Because the European Commission estimated that Google was putting forward his own products in the search results (ie: Google Shopping Ads) to the detriment of

  • Is Waze ads the key to local brand presence?

    Waze is a social user-based GPS application which offers voice-guided

  • Is your organisation ready for Google Analytics 360?

    More and more organisations are looking into making the switch towards the Google Analytics premium version and related paid products, called the “Google 360 suite”. It is however

  • Omni-channel measurement in retail - A case study by IKEA Belgium

    According to recent Google figures e-commerce is growing up to 3% every year within the retail industry. Despite this growth we still notice a paradox: in store traffic remains the main objective & KPI of the average retailer. This is all driven by the fact that ...

  • Press Release - Omnichannel measurement Semetis-IKEA case, recognised by Google as best in class

    09-Jul-2019, Brussels - Today we announce that Semetis’ IKEA case on Omnichannel measurement has been recognised by Google as best in class marketing case and integrated in the global ...

  • Press Release - Semetis-Carglass DCO Case is Best In Class

    Press Release - Dynamic Creative Optimisation Semetis-Carglass case, recognised by Google as best in class

    11-Dec-2018, Brussels - Today we announce that Semetis’ Carglass case on Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) has been recognised by Google as best in class marketing case and integrated in the global Think With

  • Set up your Smart Shopping campaign in a few steps

    After having explained you in the Article 1 what is Smart Shopping, how it works and what it could bring you in terms of performance optimization. We’ll now guide you step by step in the set up of your Smart Shopping campaign.

  • Store Visits & Offline Conversions


    Over the last couple of years we have been hearing a lot about 2 important challenges:

    1. The big switch in Internet device consumption
    2. The challenge of integrating online & offline environment

    Actually, those two challenges have never been so close to each other. In fact,they

  • Voice Search - 4 ways voice assistance is shaping consumer behaviour

    Google Voice Search?

    Search is evolving, all of us got used to the normal search queries typed in with a keyboard on Google, Bing or Yahoo. But not so long ago, another dimension has seen the light, which is called ‘voice search!’

    It is still seen as the future, but it is actually here already. And once it is used by people,

  • Voice Search - A guided tour to Google Actions, Google’s Assistance app management platform

    It’s been almost two years since Google introduced us to their Google Home device. What looked like a gimmick is now finding its way into more and more homes across the globe. This means brands & marketers are trying to figure out how to build custom experiences for these Google Home devices. This is where Google Actions comes in. In this

  • Voice Search - How we built our first Google Assistant app

    In this article we’ll share our journey on how we built our first Google Assistant application.We’ll also include some things we tried, so you don’t have to.

    To set the scene - Our first app wasn’t built using DialogFlow technology. DialogFlow was only used during the second application. This will be tackled in a separate article. In


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