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Last October, were you also surprised by the sudden replacement of your Discovery campaigns with Google's brand-new "Demand Gen" campaign? A new wave of innovation is sweeping through the Google Ads ecosystem, emphasizing Google's strategy to propel comprehensive and automated products perfectly tailored to the current market challenges. But what does Demand Gen bring to your digital strategy? The campaign addresses the "messy middle" challenge by allowing advertisers to present a set of impactful ads at each stage of the customer journey, captivating the interest of consumers and new prospects. With Demand Gen, Google aims to be impactful by considering new placements, audiences, and structures.

Demand Gen and current trends - the solution to the "messy middle"?

The increasing interactions between the user and the product/service before purchase are becoming more crucial. These touchpoints vary among consumers, making the customer journey complex for advertisers, both in understanding and strategizing. That's why two phases of the "messy middle" have been defined: the exploration phase and the evaluation phase.

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The exploration phase represents an emerging need in the consumer, where awareness and traffic campaigns play a significant role during this stage.

Whereas in the evaluation phase, where purchase decisions materialize, conversion campaigns are more suitable.

In the context of the "messy middle," Demand Gen positions itself in the evaluation phase. The traffic campaign ensures a presence on various platforms and placements, allowing for reaching the consumer at the right moment and providing them with precise and personalized information. By establishing multiple touchpoints, the Demand Gen campaign aligns with key trends highlighted by Google:

  • Capturing the consumer's attention.
  • Audience fragmentation across multiple platforms.
  • Short-format videos trending and appreciated.

It is crucial to note the synergy between Demand Gen and Performance Max, addressing the needs of the evaluation phase. Performance Max, focused on the final conversion, offers advertisers various placements to be present during the consumer's conversion.

What does Demand Gen bring to the Google ecosystem?

With this new campaign, advertisers can engage users in diverse and immersive ways, intelligently understanding consumer behavior. Indeed, Demand Gen introduces a creative approach, highlighting a range of placements such as YouTube Shorts, YouTube in-stream, YouTube Feeds, Discover, and Gmail.

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These choices align with current market trends, as demonstrated by Google analyses revealing that many users convert after interacting with one of these placements. Demand Gen meets advertisers' needs by offering innovative features. Additionally, the targeted audiences are relevant due to the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence into the campaign. Moreover, Demand Gen provides optimized targeting to reach users beyond your audience who are likely to convert.

In conclusion…

In summary, Demand Gen positions itself as a relevant traffic campaign in the Google ecosystem. Its compatibility with a mixed media approach is undeniable, effectively meeting the current market requirements. With a significant impact on the consumer evaluation phase, the campaign reaches relevant users through a variety of trendy and dynamic placements. Demand Gen is, therefore, a robust response to the complexity of the "messy middle," enabling advertisers to offer a comprehensive and increasingly personalized approach to consumers.

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