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  • 6 tips to test in DoubleClick Search

    DoubleClick Search is a search management platform that aims to allow marketers and agencies to efficiently manage their search marketing campaigns via one platform. Consider, for example, Bing, which already has a ...

  • A new function for Google Search: Gallery Ads

    What is it?

    Gallery ads are a new way to engage with your potential customers. Thanks to this new format, it is now possible to bring a visual experience to those people who are ready to discover your product/service. By adding images to your search ads, they become more pleasant and attractive.

  • Google AdWords: Drafts and Experiments

    Google is constantly evolving. One of its major focus points is offering flexibility towards advertisers so they can test, optimise and iterate. With this in mind Google has launched two new powerful tools called “drafts” and “experiments”. Since February 1, 2017 these new tools have fully replaced the AdWords
  • Google Shopping: Google opens doors to non-Google Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

    In 2017 Google was condemned by the European Commission to a record fine (2.4 billions Euros) for abuse of dominant position in the context of shopping search results.

    Why ? Because the European Commission estimated that Google was putting forward his own products in the search results (ie: Google Shopping Ads) to the detriment of

  • How to start Advertising on Amazon

    Amazon’s  Advertising

    The biggest ad companies are strongly increasing their investments in advertisements on Amazon. Omnicom Group is even planning to double its Amazon investments in 2018.  Where agencies were asked for strategies on Google and Facebook a couple of years, there is an increase in similar requests for

  • Increase your Reach with Responsive Search Ads

    In a world where machine learning is changing the way we advertise online, Google launched a new feature to further integrate machine learning in the creative of your Google search ads. With the use of Responsive Search Ads, the Google algorithm creates the best combination of your headlines and description lines

  • Notes / Annotations in Google AdWords

    Ever looked at your AdWords data and wondered what caused that spike in clicks again? Forget your pencils and all sort of extra documents you usually use in order to keep track of all changes and specific events in your AdWords accounts. Google Adwords recently launched a new feature called “Notes”, which will ease your daily analysis and

  • What is Google Smart Display ?

    There are now over 3 million apps and websites on the Google Display Network, and almost as many ways to target your ads over the internet. While all these targeting options allow advanced advertisers to have full control over their advertising & performances, it might be quite overwhelming for many of them.

    Indeed, more and more

  • Why visual sitelinks will improve your search results

    Advantages of visual sitelinks

    The importance of using ad extensions on a frequent basis has many different reasons, but mainly it leads to gaining more real-estate on the search engine results page. Google continuously works on adding different ad extensions to give the advertiser the opportunity to provide more information and be

  • Year in Search 2017: These were the biggest trends & changes

    This report highlights some of the biggest search trends impacting the industry in 2017. The trends revealed deliver influential insights for advertisers to respond and adapt their strategies accordingly. In a nutshell, smartphone usage is still transforming our world. Technology is growing at an exceptionally quick rate changing the customer


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