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  • Ardennes-étape: An automated decision tree as performance accelerator

    Performance marketing is all about seizing the opportunities when they present themselves

    Research indicates that a surprising 44% of advertisers are not utilizing their existing data to enhance business outcomes, while a staggering 80% are not tapping into the full potential of their data. Despite possessing a vast amount of data,

  • Blue Ocean Strategy


    Nowadays in digital marketing we are used to advertise for an existing market. Our tactics are easier with all the features flourishing on the advertising platform.

    But what about launching an advertising campaign about a product which is new and doesn't have a market yet ? For the ones that read the

  • Demand Gen: A Strong Response to Market Needs and the Complexity of the "Messy Middle"

    Last October, were you also surprised by the sudden replacement of your Discovery campaigns with Google's brand-new "Demand Gen" campaign? A new wave of innovation is sweeping through the Google Ads ecosystem, emphasizing Google's strategy to propel comprehensive and automated products perfectly tailored to the current market challenges. But

  • Driving demand for Vanden Borre Life: A successful blue ocean digital media strategy

    Vanden Borre is a leading consumer electronics and home appliances retailer that made sustainability a top priority in 2022 by introducing its new Contrat de Confiance. At the heart of this initiative lies Vanden Borre Life. Vanden Borre Life is designed to extend the lifespan of TV and other major electronic appliances and provide an

  • How bot traffic impacts web analytics and how to avoid it


    In the bustling realm of the digital landscape, the significance of web analytics cannot be overstated. The insights gleaned from these metrics fuel strategic decisions, steer user experience enhancements, and drive businesses towards success. However, navigating this data-driven journey does not come without its

  • Korian’s Multi-data Approach for Better Elderly Care Image

    The battle against negative brand image in elderly care


    Did you know that in Belgium 62% of people aged 50 and over have a negative image of nursing homes? A Belgian study also found that 70% of older adults fear living in retirement homes due to

  • The Impact of ChatGPT on Digital Marketing

    ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI, a research institute in the field of artificial intelligence. They are also the founders of DALL-E, the tool which can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

    The tool has taken the internet by a storm in

  • Youtube Audio, an innovative format to increase brand awareness


    In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, it's important to keep up with new trends and technologies in order to meet people's ever-evolving needs. For this reason, with the significant growth in the use of audio


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