• Attribution Over Time

    If you are looking for a tutorial type of article giving you the 7 steps on “how to use attribution”. This article is not for you. If you expect to come out of this reading with a magic solution to help you define which budgets should be allocated to the different marketing initiatives you are driving. This article

  • How to combine Shared Budgets and Smart Bidding Strategy

    Why combine Shared Budget and Smart Bidding in Google Ads?

    You want to leverage Google’s newest automation features to boost your Google Ads performances, and your efficiency.

    More specifically, you want to automate

  • How to leverage store visits for your business

    Omnichannel is everywhere. A couple of years ago, this was a new phenomenon, but we’ve evolved towards a digital advertising spectrum where store visits are getting more and more incorporated in the marketing strategies and objectives.

    Store visits

    In short, store visits have the objective of linking the user who clicked an

  • Local Strategy: How to efficiently report results for 700+ stores

    Omnichannel importance is nothing new. Most of today’s customers are not buying either online or offline but both. In Europe, the vast majority of the sales are however still happening in brick and mortar shops. But one should not forget that the influence of digital on these offline sales is

  • Omnichannel & Local Strategies: A quick look back over 2019

    Now that 2019 is just behind us, it’s time to look back at one of the biggest trends of the year in digital marketing in Belgium: Omnichannel & Local strategies. As an agency, we indeed noticed that clients were more and more willing to jump on the O2O (Online to Offline) boat and to start

  • Press Release - Omnichannel measurement Semetis-IKEA case, recognised by Google as best in class

    09-Jul-2019, Brussels - Today we announce that Semetis’ IKEA case on Omnichannel measurement has been recognised by Google as best in class marketing case and integrated in the global ...

  • What impact do TV campaigns have on online website traffic?

    Advertising is everywhere: you can see ads on billboards near the bus station; you see them on your phone while navigating on apps; you hear them on the radio and you see them on TV at night while watching your evening show. As advertisers, we make sure to deliver relevant ads on the relevant channels to the right

  • Why Google leads Omnichannel Measurement ?

    The launch of the Store Visits in Google Analytics

    Big News! You might have heard it. Recently Google released a new beta feature: “Store Visits” for Google Analytics. What is it? Long story short, it allows to measure the link between website sessions and in-store visits.

    How does it work from a technical point of view ?


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