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In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, staying at the forefront of innovation is essential. Semetis has demonstrated its commitment to pushing boundaries by being among the first agencies to launch an advertising campaign on Netflix in France with “Atol Mon Opticien”.

Atol Mon Opticien: A Visionary Client

Atol Mon Opticien is a well-known optical retailer in France. They have a rich history of providing high-quality eyewear and eye care services to customers. They recognize the importance of embracing digital platforms to expand their reach. Being a visionary company, they were immediately drawn to Netflix's innovative approach.

Netflix: A New Frontier for Advertising

While Netflix has primarily been known as a streaming giant that offers uninterrupted entertainment, it has recently opened its doors to advertising opportunities. This shift enables brands to tap into Netflix's extensive subscriber base and engage audiences more deeply through video ads.
They offer the opportunity to create impactful 15-second or 30-second video ads that blend into the viewer's streaming experience. These ads can appear as pre-roll or mid-roll placements, though advertisers do not yet have the liberty to choose when their ads will appear. It is good to know that the ads are non-skippable, ensuring that the message is delivered in its entirety to the audience.
In terms of targeting, advertisers can fine-tune their campaigns using a variety of options, including geo-targeting to reach specific regions, selecting genres of movies, leveraging the popularity of Netflix's top 10 movies or TV shows, and even blocking sensitive content to maintain brand integrity. Additionally, age and gender targeting provide further precision in reaching the most relevant audience segments.

Semetis: the digital agency behind the campaign

Semetis and Atol Mon Opticien capitalized on this innovative advertising platform by including it in their media mix for this last quarter of 2023. Given Atol's campaign focus on promoting accessible French eyewear with incentives of up to 100 € on French glasses fitted with lenses, the synergy with Netflix proved ideal. It allows creating massive awareness to a broad audience while ensuring attention of users whom are actively consuming content. This, mix perfectly with other digital and non-digital efforts made to promote the offer to the French audience. In terms of results, we are generating 97.5% completion rate with CPM at 32€ which falls within the average cost for connected TV.


Semetis' innovative approach to advertising on Netflix with Atol Mon Opticien has broken new ground in the digital marketing landscape. This collaboration not only enabled Atol Mon Opticien to extend its reach to a wider audience but also showcased the potential of advertising on Netflix. On top of that, it is a good complement to TV and Connected as well as online video ads as it is mixing the both of them. With a strong 97.5% completion rate and a cost-effective CPM, this endeavour highlights the promising opportunities available to marketers in the ever-evolving digital landscape which is only the beginning as Amazon Prime and Disney + will both be showing video Ads in 2024.

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