BRUSSELS - 21/10/2021 - Semetis reveals new visual brand identity with redesigned logo | Press Releases

Semetis, Belgian leading Digital Marketing Agency, today revealed the company’s new visual brand identity. Semetis’ new identity reflects the company’s leadership in digital marketing, and the company’s strength leveraging promising technology and data. Semetis delivers continuous innovation in a pragmatic way and provides brands with business results.

In 2009 Semetis entered the market as a Search & Web Analytics Agency. The first of its kind founded by two former-Google Advertising executives who helped launch Google in Belgium. Over the course of the last 12 years, Semetis has successfully diversified its service offerings and has grown its business significance. This has been confirmed at the AMMA and IAB Mixx Awards earlier this year, where Semetis was the biggest winner. “When you win five IAB Mixx Awards and three AMMA Awards, dominating in every digital media category, there is something. It is a testament that our work is among the best in the industry. “ says Jennifer Hubert, Operations Director at Semetis. Dhan Claes, Managing Director at Semetis, adds “However, it’s hard to showcase how your company has grown when your brand doesn’t reflect it. It was clear we were in need of a new visual identity that fully embodies us as company today and tomorrow

The new company branding is built to stand out while remaining true to the vibrant spirit and focussed mission of Semetis. “Semetis' story is about business-minded experts that dare to be critical, leveraging data and technology. It is about unlocking business results. We embrace change. We are always moving. Semetis is where exploration and pragmatism come together” explains Dhan Claes.

The new logo evokes a feeling of exploration and precision. The icon can be interpreted as a gate, leading to new places and new horizons. The pattern signifies the area to explore and discover, the endless movement, questioning the status quo. The dots represent data, precision, and analytics. The colours exemplify discovery, luminous and technology. 

While our name remains the same, our logo has changed significantly to better represent who Semetis is and what we bring to market for our clients.” commented Jennifer Hubert.


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