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How do Belgian users use their smartphones throughout the day? What was the percentage of mobile traffic coming from Antwerp yesterday compared to Brussels? Which versions of Internet Explorer are the most popular right now?
BRUSSELS, 23 November 2015, Today Semetis releases a new version of How We Browse, a public website that explores Belgian user interactions on the web.

How We Browse ( was born back in 2012 out of an extra-curricular project at Semetis, the leading Belgian digital advertising & business intelligence agency. Semetis’ philosophy has always been to be open and share knowledge. How We Browse is an embodiment of this philosophy. Our initial goal was to provide insight on how the Belgian internet users were behaving, especially on mobile that was starting to explode: what devices do they use, which browsers and which operating systems? And more importantly, how did this evolve over time? All questions we wanted to answer, all answers we wanted to share.

We have been doing this consistently since March 2012. We were there when Mobile browsing crossed the 10%, 20% and more recently the 30% bar, when Google Chrome started to put pressure on its competing browsers and when smartphones got bigger than tablets back in April of 2015.

Last month we took the time to revise our entire infrastructure and put in place an enormous database. Within that database reside millions of records. These records contain anonymized data coming from the Google Analytics API’s of our clients. Obviously confidentiality is guaranteed! You can now find answers to your numerous questions on the updated version of How We Browse. We hope you will be joining us in being curious, seeking for answers, discovering new trends and spreading the word! #open #share #knowledge


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