Digital Advertising Training

Semetis gives Digital Advertising trainings mainly to clients, partners and universities. In those trainings you will learn the basics about Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads. Information and best practices are shared regarding campaign set-up, monitoring, optimization and reporting. A major part is also dedicated to all the features available: from ad extensions to bid adjustments you will become a master in managing Search campaigns. In our advanced training we go deeper in Remarketing for Search, Automated bidding as well as Cross-device strategies.


Web Analytics Training

Semetis provides clients, partners and universities with basic and advanced Web Analytics trainings. In those trainings you will learn how Web Analytics tools (mainly Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture) can allow you to measure, collect, analyze and report on the data coming from your website. Besides this we will provide you with tips & tricks on how to analyze your audience, how to correctly compare your traffic sources regarding traffic quality or even on how to optimize your revenue. Our advanced Web Analytics training focuses on more advanced elements such as custom reports, enhanced ecommerce metrics & reports, multi-channel funnel reports and attribution modelling.


Tag Management Training

Tag Management trainings provided by Semetis are mainly directed to clients and partners. In those trainings you will learn the basics about Tag Management System and more specifically Google Tag Manager structure including accounts, containers, tags, triggers and variables. In our more advanced Tag Management training we will give your more information and best practices on workspaces, debugging mode as well as further explanation on data layers and how they can help you to automatically retrieve important data from your website.

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