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New Facebook account structure

Earlier this year, Facebook announced some changes in their ads manager. Changes were planned earlier in August, but with a small delay, Facebook only started to implement the changes as of October 16th. By the end of January 2015, every Facebook Ads account will have been upgraded.

Though the changes are rather small, they will have a big impact on the way you work with Facebook Ads. Let’s review the changes as planned.

There are three levels in the current structure:

  • Campaign level
  • Ad set level
  • Ad level

Objectives, such as website clicks, conversions, post engagements etc. were defined on campaign level.
End and start dates together with the budget were defined on ad set level and finally, audience, bidding and placements were defined on ad level.

Facebook is now shifting the audience, bidding and placement options from the ad level to the ad set level. This will affect the way you organize and manage your new and existing Facebook Ads.



The big advantage of the changes is the way you can experiment with different creative ads. Instead of defining an audience for each ad you create, you can just define the audience on ad set level and make different ads with different call-to-actions, or different images. This makes it easier to decide whether an ad appeals to your audience or not, and simply pause ads who aren’t as effective as hoped, and increase the performance of your total ad set.


In order to benefit the most of these changes, we recommend you to make one ad set per audience. This gives you the most control over an audience and the budget you allocate to that audience. Unfortunately, this will give you several extra ad sets to manage, but eventually, the performance of each ad set and the overall performance of your campaign will benefit from this.

How we deal with the changes

Beside the change in names, we need to adapt the structure of our accounts. Campaigns will not change, but ad sets will become more important. Ad sets will have more settings to define audiences and biddings, so a lot of our ad settings will be transferred to ad set level.

On the ad level, we will have more creative space to test multiple ads. We have more space to test different content, cpc, images, or Call-to-Actions.

Facebook launched a beta version to test their new structure a while ago in USA. Results looked promising: cheaper conversions, a higher average basket, and an increase in conversions.

Hopefully, this test results are promising the best for all of us!

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