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Brussels – 6 August 2014 - Semetis today announced it is entering into a strategic agreement with Google to become a Google Analytics™ Premium Reseller.


Google Analytics Premium is the paid-enterprise version of Google's free analytics product. More information on Google Analytics Premium on:

So with the enterprise analytics product offered by Google, there is a need for some subject matter expert support.  That is where Google Analytics Premium Resellers come in. Semetis is now fully accredited in Belgium.

Semetis has demonstrated to Google its expertise using Google Analytics for larger, enterprise-sized clients, while having track record with Google Analytics implemenetation & consulting as part of its core business offering.

Being qualified as a Google Analytics Premium Reseller allows you to do just what the name implies, resell the premium product to clients alongside Google, and in particular:

  1. All Google Analytics Premium Resellers are also Google Analytics Certified Partners.  This means Semetis has direct access to the Google Analytics Certified Partner portal, which is a place for Google to beta test new GA features, release new information or announcements to partners first and a knowledge-sharing base for more enterprise-like common issues and solutions.
  2. Resellers have direct access to Google analysts and engineers for higher-level issues and problems with tracking, related to Premium accounts.


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