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Mobile phones evolved in such a way that today we’ve become completely dependent on applications. Some might be for checking your destination while taking into the traffic others might inform you about today’s weather predictions. Their usage increases exponentially and the number of apps available also follow the same trend.
That’s one of the reasons why it has become so important to optimise your application within the respective app stores. This field of focus is called Application Search Optimisation (ASO).
In the case of the Google store, there are different attributes that you should take into account in order to increase the brand awareness and downloads. In this article will only tackle the three key elements that you should focus on if you want to increase your ranking. With regards to the iOS app, the approach of store optimization is also based on keywords. The difference lays in the attributes you have to use in order the improve the ranking of your app.

Key segments for ranking your Android app

 1. Title

Similar to the reasoning in the Apple (iTunes) store, the app title plays an important role within the store optimization of the Google Play store. Different ways to display the title exist. You can choose which one you prefer depending on the element you want to put first (Name vs. USP).
  • Name of the app - USP
  • Name of the app - USP
  • UPS - Name of the app
  • UPS: Name of the app

Title Article 1 - ASO - EN

2. Short description

The short description within the Google Play store impacts the optimization of the applications according to keywords integrated. Up to 80 characters can be included within this short description. This means the focus should be on the primary USP of the app. Keywords used in the short description directly influence the findability and ASO of the app. It is important to note here that while keyword ranking can lead to higher overall positioning, the description should in the first place be written from a customer-centric point of view. Thus, being attractive to the consumer in order to spark a conversion.

Short Description Android Article 1 - ASO - EN

As mentioned, it is recommended to put forward a USP of the app. For instance in the case of Castle Crush they focused on two main USPs: Free and Strategy game. In terms of other optimizations, continuous keyword analysis and competition watch could identify new and trending keywords to be integrated.

3. Long description

In comparison to the Apple App store, the description used in the Google play store is an essential element from an app store optimization point of view and will be indexed by the Google robots. The long description can include up to 4000 characters and can thus be used extensively to strengthen the app store ranking.
A well structured description not only makes it easy for these Google robots to understand the function of the app, but additionally allows users to, at a quick glance, read up on the most important advantages of the app.
While there are 4000 characters available, it does not mean that these need to be fully used. Once again, content should be written from a customer perspective. If it is possible to convey all information, using the most important keywords in less than 4000 characters then this is definitely acceptable. For a user point of view. The likelihood of someone reading the full description will be relatively low. Thus, keep the description light and easily navigable.

For example in the case of Fox News, they decided to follow the following structure:

  • The mains advantages from utility point of view;
  • The Features of the app;
  • Reputation and additional features;
  • Topics covered by the app;
  • Call-to-Action message;

Long Description Article 1 EN

It is important to point out that in this example, each UPS occurs in the text at least twice.

Recap - Google play store

Recap Table Article 1 EN - ASO

Of course there are other elements that could be taken into account but we just wanted to tackle the key elements.

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