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For E-Commerces’ the online world is their playground. These E-Commerces are important clients with a large Adwords account. Some of them are active in different countries and target different languages, they have a large stock of products or services, add from time to time new products to their product list and change on a regular base their promos. Conclusion, they have a large account with an extended structure of different campaigns, adgroups, PLA,..

In some cases this structure needs adjustments to optimally perform based on the KPI’s of the customer and the changing market. Some of the E-Commerces change their offer or adapt their product list. It is important that the content of the Adwords Account also changes with the E-Commerce. But how do you start a big implementation like this?

First you need to analyse the current account structure and to find the weaknesses. This is a difficult step. Sometimes it is hard to find a new, better structure. Also it is not easy to decide which campaigns stay and which need to be organized, which can be combined or splitted.

A common mistake is that some campaigns are too detailed. It is better to group on Adgroup level, then to have already a detailed structure on campaign level.

Another tip is to divide search and display in two different accounts. You can even create a third one for remarketing.

It is also very important to determine the structure of your account is the expectations of the client. Based on the demand, the KPI’s of your customer, the reason of the restructuring and your own experience, you’ll draw a plan of a new structure. It is important to clearly describe the account structure, content and approach. There are 5 topics you should keep in mind and that will help you to restructure the account in an efficient and structured way.

The different topics to keep in mind are:

  • Customers KPI’s
  • Different campaigns with adgroups
  • Keywords (positive and negative)
  • Content of the ads and the landingpage
  • The settings (language, country,..)
  • Budget

A lot to take care! After you have all these details, you can create a roadmap of the new structure. This is a visual that clearly shows the structure of your account. Underneath you can find a good example of a structure of an e-commerce of beauty products:


During the implementation of the new account structure is it important to communicate with the client and to have a good planning. This gives you and the client a structure and deadlines.


If you have to implement all these changes one by one via Adwords, it would take you days before the structure is finished. To effectively implement the new structure it is appropriate to use Editor to make the changes. This offline tool makes it possible to make all your changes offline, without any impact on the online campaigns and to launch the new structure once it is finished in one click.

Thanks to some helpful tools you can easily make changes in bulk. An overview of the top 5 most helpful changes:

  • Copy and past all your campaigns, adgroups, keywords,.. via Edit:



  • Via Paste Special you can paste your data into different locations in your account with only one click:


  • Put all the current campaigns in pause instead of deleting them. They always stay in your account, even if you delete them, for historical data reasons. To get a clear overview of you of your old and new campaigns, you can change the name of the old campaigns and put ‘Z.’ before the name of the old campaigns. This way the old ones are always at the end of the list. You can quickly add a Z.


  • Do not launch the new account structure on a Friday. It is good to follow your new structure on a daily base first days after launch.
  • Check the settings of all your campaigns after the launch, to be sure you target the right countries, languages, people,..

written by Sofie Van Vaerenbergh


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