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Now that you have followed the 15 ways to optimize your Facebook campaigns, here are the enhancements you can add to your ads and increase your performances with those Meta updates.

There are three main categories of enhancement that can be done:

  1. Dynamic creatives - dynamic ad combinations.
  2. Advantage+ creatives - creative enhancements.
  3. Multi-advertiser ads - display by shopping relevance.

Dynamic creative

The first enhancement that can be added to improve performance is dynamic creative ads. By providing multiple images, headlines, and descriptions, Meta will dynamically display an ad to a user by building the best ad combination to which the user will be more likely to respond. The algorithm will try different ad variations and adapt them to the user.

Therefore, if you want to use dynamic creatives, you have to make sure that all the images, headlines, and descriptions can be combined.

Furthermore, when using dynamic creative ads, you have a few restrictions:

  • You can only have one ad per ad set;
  • You can’t use multiple languages (see below);
  • You can’t use asset customization;
  • If you have ads with political content, you won’t be able to use this option.

If you want to have more control over your ads, another option to personalize your ads is to provide one image and variations of text options. With that option, you can decide for each image which headlines and descriptions you want to appear.

Advantage+ creative

Among Meta’s Advantage+ products, Advantage+ creative will improve your campaign performances thanks to several enhancements.

Text enhancement
  • Text combination - Meta will change the position of the text you provide between primary text, headline, or description.
  • Info labels - Info labels are optional information about your business that you can add to your ad. For instance, you can mention free shipping, free returns, and your payment options. Depending on the relevance, Facebook will show one to three info labels per ad placement.
  • Languages - run your ads in different languages - An option Facebook is giving is to run a campaign with multiple languages. It means that Facebook will deliver your ad to the right person in the right language.


  • Facebook will optimize towards the right people.
  • You can have one ad rather than multiple per language.


  • You have less control over the budget allocated to the language.
  • You cannot adapt the images to all the formats.
Creative enhancement
  • Image & brightness & contrast - Meta adjusts the brightness and contrast of your ads in case it improves performance.
  • Music - in Awareness, Traffic, App Installs, and Sales objective campaigns, it is now possible to add royalty-free music to your ads. You can either let Meta choose which music would best suit your ad, or you can manually choose it from the Meta Sound collection.
  • Carousel - if you opt-in to the option and Meta notices that your performance can be improved, it can display your carousel ads as a video.

Multi-advertiser ads.

Finally, when opting for the multi-advertiser ads option, Meta’s machine learning will show your ads in users' Instagram Feed to people with a shopping intent and be shown alongside other businesses' ads that are complementary or related to your business.

In Q3 2022, Meta conducted a large-scale back-end study to measure the incremental effects and concluded that for advertisers who run their ads next to relevant businesses, their purchase outcome outperformed the campaigns of the advertisers who didn’t use multi-advertiser ads.


As they are relatively new, Meta still needs some time to improve those new features, but they can be quick wins that can be applied to your ads to improve your campaign performances.

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