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Carglass® is a great example of how automation through MarTech tools can change and transform, their processes with business acceleration as a result.

The majority of Belgians confronted with a broken car window have the reflex to go to the Carglass® website and start registering their damage and schedule an appointment through the online booking funnel. But when potential customers drop out of the funnel at some point, Carglass® was losing opportunities to help. So, we configured the very first DCO campaign back in 2017 to remind people to complete their booking.

Building a personalized always-on performance pipeline capable of converting users that dropped out of the funnel requires connected data. We opted to implement a Dynamic Creative Optimised campaign, which required the implementation of an entire infrastructure within Campaign Manager, DV360, Google Tag Manager and the dataLayer on the website of Carglass. Still today, the campaign shatters ROI with a serious increase this year. This was the starting point for more innovation and automation across their customer journey as the dataLayer now serves different applications altogether. DCO became an integral part of Carglass®’ approach.

Because of the scalability of the architecture, we configured earlier this year a similar strategy on Facebook. Facebook Business Manager only has DCO solutions for a limited type of business and Carglass® did not fit in. So we partnered up with Smartly, a mark-ad tech tool, that automates every step of social advertising using feeds. The results of the social DCO campaign were mind-blowing and have an even higher ROI. By leveraging this tech-ecosystem of Google Tag Manager, Campaign Manager, DV360 and Smartly we created a hyper-effective campaign that became indispensable in the performance strategy of Carglass® and is reverted to as an example within the international Belron® group.

But, of course, it does not end there. We made everyone’s future vision today’s normal: applying that same level of smartness in upper-funnel layers. Yes, a data-driven video approach for brand awareness and brand consideration objectives, especially for the younger target audience. Many marketers still consider simply uploading the most recent TV commercial an efficient video strategy. But if your audience doesn’t want to watch your ad, they literally cannot skip it fast enough. To achieve an unskippable future we developed a data-driven parallel real-time personalization video solution for digital media buying. (The article on the MarTech Solution we developed for data-driven video can be consulted here). This was made possible by the joined forces of SBS Belgium, Semetis, Carglass®, and AdSomeNoise. By enabling this functionality we can serve video commercials that are perfectly integrated with the content, adaptable and original enough to make a viewer smile. After all, data is king, but content is his queen.

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Now the solution is in place, it becomes a battle of ideas and of acting on the data. In an online video streaming environment, data won’t kill creativity but knowing the customer will create differentiation by providing new and better experiences. By leveraging data and infusing that with storytelling, we hope to have created something pretty amazing for Carglass®: a video commercial that no one wants to skip. Firstly, the tone of voice of the commercial adapts in accordance with the program the user is watching by reusing the elements of the content he is streaming. This already creates a certain level of likeability towards the ad. Secondly, through a location API, a dynamic map was integrated to show the nearest Carglass® Service Center. To make the commercial even more local, the voice-over adapts to the dialect of certain locations. All on the spot, interactive and without transcoding.

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This complete data-driven campaign, serving both performance and branding objectives, helped the Belgian unit of Carglass® seen as a pioneer in the field and driving innovation across their group.


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