Semetis is the big winner of the AMMA Awards: 2 Golds and 1 Silver | Press Releases

The digital marketing agency, Semetis, which was already in the lead with 4 nominations, managed to convert 3 of those. No less than 2 Gold AMMAs and 1 Silver were won by Semetissians. "Winning 3 AMMAs is proof that our work is among the best in our sector," says Dhan Claes, eBusiness Consulting Manager at Semetis.

Semetis dominates the podium in the "Best Use of Data and Performance" category.

 At the AMMA Awards, this is the first time that an agency has won multiple top spots in a category.

The case "Ardennes-Etape: Reducing advertising waste by predicting user score" was awarded gold. With this case, Semetis is a pioneer in the use of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence. "At Ardennes-Etape, we have implemented OKRs to accelerate our digital transformation, where data activation is essential. Those who really try to put data at the centre of their organisation realise that they quickly hit a wall. The abundance of data is simply too much for people to handle. Thanks to the cloud for marketing infrastructure that Semetis has set up for our daily management, we have managed to supercharge our marketing," says Philippe Neumann, CEO of Ardennes-Etape.

Semetis also won the Silver award for its DMLights case: "Fully Automated Profit Engine". "This case proves that we continue to look for solutions for sustainable and profitable growth for our customers", says Dhan Claes. Frederic Palella, senior eBusiness consultant at Semetis, adds, "By fully exploiting the automation capabilities, we have created an SEA engine that maximises both revenue and profit. This has not only allowed us to increase ROI, but also to shift our focus from heavy operations to strategic thinking.”

Gold Award for "Best Use of Interactive & Social Media”.

"The end-of-year period is extremely competitive in the telco sector. To open a dialogue with our core audience, we opted for conversational marketing using social channels and interactive advertising formats such as Cavai®", explains Margaux Marien, Senior eBusiness Consultant at Semetis. VOO was able to differentiate itself by engaging in real-time conversations with its core audience. This was also recognised by the AMMA jury. 

Innovation can never be achieved alone

"But we didn't do it alone. Our clients dare to take risks and we are very grateful for that. This allows us, as an agency, to continue to explore solutions and stimulate innovation. We would like to thank DMLights, Ardennes-Etape and VOO for their willingness to take risks together," says Dhan Claes.


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