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My name is Alisson and I am the Happiness Manager at Semetis. Wait. What’s that, again?

There is no real definition for “Happiness Manager” as it is a dynamic and evolving role that follows the company culture. 


At Semetis, my function is axed on 4 pillars: 

  • Human Resources
  • Prevention, Security and Wellbeing at work
  • Events
  • Office Management 


My main focus is Human Resources and Wellbeing. As Happiness Manager I live the Semetis’ values and transmit it to the newbies, I am also the person of contact for all Human Resources requests and I am responsible for the Prevention, Security and Wellbeing at work. In other terms, providing HR day-to-today support, helping the Directors in drafting the HR future of Semetis, making sure that the office is a safe place, maintaining a correct work-life balance - and of course - showing the example. 

At Semetis, we enjoy spending time all together. That's why we have built our own event team, of which I am the lead. We are constantly reflecting on how we can bring people together, by doing sporty or impactful activities, organizing team competitions, or simply sharing drinks. 

On that aspect, the covid crisis hasn’t made it easy. But it didn’t stop us. We found creative ideas to organize covid-proof events while expressing the Semetis’ culture.


 Semetis Team Event in Belgium


My current challenges


Clearly, today my challenge is to go through the covid crisis while keeping the team fully engaged. The constant changes linked to the covid regulations has sometimes lowered our energy, so my goal is to keep those batteries filled!


As many companies, we have suffered from a higher turn-over, unfortunately. So today, one of my number 1 priorities is to recruit top colleagues to grow the team and the business. If you are interested, have a look at our vacancies here.


My future focus points


There’s no better moment to completely re-think the Compensation and Benefits at Semetis. Well, that’s what we are doing: listening to the needs of every employee and proposing the best possible solutions.

What about the hot topic of work places?

This one is no exception. It needs to evolve, adapt to the new ways of working. As Happiness Manager it is also part of my role to make sure that the office reflects that change.


Back on topic

So, what does it take to become a Happiness Manager in my experience? The key soft skills that you need to possess are: being a listener, being unifying and above all being dynamic. If you want to discuss further the role of Happiness Manager, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I’ll be happy to exchange ideas on the topic.  



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