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Our Planet Parfum Case shows that using Google Advertising Automation to the fullest enables us to reach cost-effective results for e-commerce. Automation leaves room to build in parallel a strong partnership with Planet Parfum to keep our focus on the business impact. 

The challenge

The goal was to increase performances of Planet Parfum e-commerce website within the regions where they are significantly less represented by physical stores and have a smaller market share. The objective is to leverage cost-effective potential of untapped regions via their e-commerce.

The approach

The synergy between automation and strong business partnership transformed this challenge into a success. 

A. Automation:

  • Smart bidding strategies & account architecture designed to give a maximum of relevant signals to the bidding algorithm
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) used as a safety net to cover all requests addressed by the potential customers
  • Bid adjustments on audiences & devices to align pressure with business results
  • Google Smart Shopping campaign, Social & Display dynamic remarketing ads to support our Search strategy
  • Similar audiences to put more pressure on people with higher converting potential

B. Strong business partnership with Planet Parfum to focus on the common business goals. The level of automation left room to improve and challenge business impact. We implemented a dashboard on which we dig together on a weekly basis to spot opportunities. This lead for instance to decisions such as targeting enhancing, messages sharpening, content optimization and Website’s pages adaptation.

The results

The main indicator to measure cost-effectiveness was the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Year on Year, we measured an improvement of 13% for the concerned regions. Moreover, these campaigns had not only an impact online but also drove 3,080 visits to the physical stores. 

As a summary: 

  • +13% ROAS
  • +163% Conversion Rate
  • -35% cost per sale


Thanks to automation, those strong results in Google Ads had a broader impact. It triggered trade marketing collaborations with brands/suppliers that are investing in our Google Ads account to highlight their products.

Céline Rapaille,

E-Commerce Manager of Planet Parfum

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